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The Red Court Infected – Dresden World

So here is the first play book I wrote for Dresden World. The link is at the bottom of this article.

What Is It?

A Red Court Infected is someone who was infected by a Red Court Vampire (RCV). A RCV looks human and usually extremely good looking, but that is just on the surface. In reality a RCV looks like a man/bat hybrid.

That big bat thing is what a RCV really looks like.

RCV can create a flesh mask and hide their hideous bodies inside it. The four people who are standing in the picture all really look like that bat monster. Now when you get infected by one of these you don’t turn into a bat monster right away. You need to kill someone by feeding on them. Once you do that then you become a full blown monster. In the mean time you are like Blade. All the strengths, none of the weaknesses. You just really need to keep your thirst in check.

Why Would I Play One?

Red Court Infected (RCI) are ass beaters. They are stronger, tougher, and faster than any human and can give monsters a good run for their money. They are one of the physically strongest things out there. You also get to play the usual tragic hero. Yeah you save the girl/guy but you are running on empty and their neck is looking tasty.

Where Can I Find This?

Right here. Please feel free to leave comments on the sheet if you see something that could be improved upon. Thanks for reading!

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