by Delos

The Werewolf – Dresden World

Here is another ass beater from the Dresden Files. There are different kinds of werewolves in Dresden and this one is like the character Billy. He can turn into a wolf using a magic spell. Billy only knows the one spell but he can do it really well. It takes him a moment and he’s a wolf. He looks like a normal wolf in all regards but retains his intelligence. No full moon is needed. Now if you’re thinking, “Werewolves are usually these hulking hybrids that can rip through anything.” that’s a loup-garou and those are terrifying monsters that have no control of what happens when they change. Werewolves are the most recognized from Dresden and I wanted to capture Billy’s bad ass moments.

When you transform you lose the ability to speak (and your thumbs) but you gain 1 armor and inflict 2 harm with your big pointy teeth. You can upgrade these numbers with another move. A lot of the werewolves abilities allow it to use the hard stat to get things done. Get hard to 3 and you have yourself one scary doggy.

Something I borrowed from Urban Shadows (great game, go check it out) was the territory. Billy mostly watches the university of Chicago, but your werewolf can make his territory whatever they want. When the werewolf is in his turf, nothing can escape them.

There werewolf is a pretty straight forward playbook for those who just want to protect some place and some of the biggest teeth in the game.

Check out the werewolf here.

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