by Delos

White Court Vampire – Dresden World

If you are looking to be the hottest and sexiest person in any room, then you want this. WCV are all about looking good and making jaws drop. In Dresden there are three flavors of WCV. All of them feed off of human emotion but which they feed off of is different, hence the three clans of WCV. This play book is designed for the Raith family and they feed off of lust. Depending on how things go in the future I may write up books for the other two (fear and despair).

The WCV is the best at social manipulation. They can get people to do things with a look or a touch. This doesn’t mean they shirk away from a physical conflict. That demon they have riding around in their head gives them all sorts of ways to bring the hurt to their enemies. WCV make dangerous allies. While you can rely on them to get a job done, if you get too close to one (emotionally) you may fall prey to their demon.

Check out the WCV here and let me know what you think.

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