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The Changeling – Dresden World

Welcome to week two of Dresden World. Just to fill in those who are first tuning in, I’m working on a Dresden Files hack for Apocalypse World. I’m getting ideas from the books, Urban Shadows, and the FATE hack.

A Changeling is someone who has a faerie parent and a mortal one. Mind you that faeries can be nixies, elves, trolls, centaurs, and most other mythical creatures. Some of these unions are welcomed while others could be the result of rape or a one night stand. Either way the resulting child is going to have really awkward teenage years. The child appears normal up until puberty and that’s when their fae heritage starts to show. Amazing beauty, strong muscles, unnatural speed, warts, and other unnatural physical changes start to take over.

One of the challenges I had with this playbook was the fact that every changeling can be drastically different. A changeling with a troll parent will be much different than say an elf parent. To reflect this I made the starting move that all changelings get a stat booster. In theory the changeling can have one of three stats maxed at a +4 (best in the game) but it all depends on their heritage. To make this work the starting stats are 1 point lower but the opening move makes up for it.

For those of you wondering about the Knights of the Fae Courts or all of the favors and debts that faeries love to do, that is coming in the Emissary of the Fae play book. Originally I had both as one playbook and it got bloated really quick. The two play books can grab moves from each other easily. So the Changeling is all about the physical and the Emissary is all about the social aspects of Fae life.

Check out the changeling right here and please leave any feedback you can think of. Go ahead and edit the document or leave a comment.

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