by Delos

The Emissary – Dresden World

Yesterday I showed the physical side of the Fae. Today we’re doing the social side. The Emissary is all that is favors and debts with the faeries.

The Emissary can be a Knight of the Court but doesn’t have to be. If you pick the right moves you can pull it off easily. All Emissaries are quick witted and sharp. When you are dealing with the fae you better be.

Hail to the Queen helps to keep the courts a central part of the characters life since it comes up every session. This is the GM’s chance to help while still screwing with the players. Faeries love to help but to the letter of the agreement and not the spirit. You ask a faerie to keep you safe from harm it would be ok for them to turn you into a statue and drop you into the bottom of a lake.

Like I said in the Changeling, the Emissary and Changeling are very close and as such it’s easy to grab moves from both.

You can find the Emissary here. Please let me know what you think and what changes you’d make if any.

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