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True Believer – Dresden World

The True Believer is your Father Forthill and Knight of the Cross all rolled into one. This is the play book you want to pick if you want to be a righteous warrior of the light. The True Believer isn’t tied down to a particular religion or ideal. While they all have to follow some form of moral code, they don’t all have to be Christian or Hindu. I made the play book ambiguous to that.

All True Believers are cool. No really. That’s their biggest stat. So by default the True Believer is great at doing things under fire. You can build a True Believer to be a total bad ass or into a pacifist. It’s open enough for either and you can still help out your friends when the going gets tough. TBs all have a flock they need to watch out for. These people can be anyone you want and at the start of every session you need to make sure you are watching out for them.

The TB has a few moves that allow them to roll cool instead of hard or Hx. The rest of their moves are about keeping back the darkness and being there when you are most needed. The darkness moves for the TB turn you into a holy terror. A paladin of might the likes of which no evil can stand before, but be warned. Fall too much into this righteous darkness and you may just become a single minded zealot and be no better than the monsters that go bump in the night.

Finally all TBs get a holy symbol they can use to channel their Faith. This could be something small like a crucifix or it could be a weapon like a sword. This option opens up the ability to really be a Knight of the Cross and start out with a holy sword.

Check out the True Believer here and let me know what you think.

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