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Wizard – Dresden World

Well here it is. The Wizard. This play book drove me nuts. I had put it off for the longest time because I had no idea how I was going to approach it. Wizards always seem to be the most complicated regardless of which system you’re running. I was just about ready to make a whole new system just to get the wizard to work. Then I got lucky and things fell into place. Suddenly I figured out a way to make a Wizard that worked with the basic moves and didn’t require a whole new sub system.

One thing I hear a lot is that the Wizard has a lot of moves. They start with 5, which granted is a lot, but not all those moves are beneficial. Focus forces the Wizard to always have their staff or rod with them or they are at a disadvantage. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things causes technology to break around the Wizard, which can be used offensively but most times will just be a pain in the butt. Soul Gazing can be very beneficial but you are giving up your secrets in addition to learning things so it becomes a wash.

The rest of the moves try to cover all that a Wizard can do in Dresden. Evocation is a little weird because the wizard has to roll the Suffer Harm move whenever they use it. On the plus side they are hitting for 3 or 4 harm each time. I went with this since Dresden is always complaining about having no energy when he casts magic.

Thaumaturgy is lifted from Dungeon World’s Wizard, but with requirements that fit the Dresdenverse. This one is wide open in terms of what you can do, so the GM needs to be sure he keeps the requirements at a reasonable level so it doesn’t get abused.

The darkness moves were tricky. Evil wizards in Dresden are wicked powerful and do some pretty horrible things. I wasn’t sure how crazy I wanted to make the Wizard darkness moves so I looked at how they would use their moves and how their darkness moves could make it easier for them to go down that path. At the time of writing this article I haven’t had anyone play test this so I’m shooting in the dark. We’ll see how it goes and update when I get some feed back.

Check out the Wizard right here. I could really use some feed back so if you look it over or play test it please let me know.

Well with that I’ve put all of my play books on display. I’m working on making actual usable sheets currently. I have no experience with layouts and such, so it’s been slow going. I’ll update everyone once I have them made. Thanks for reading.

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