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Apocalypse World Cherry

Well I finally got to play Apocalypse World for the first time. It kind of fell into place on accident. A bunch of the folks that were suppose to come over for another game cancelled and I ended up with my two younger brothers. The youngest (Jacob; not the other writer for this blog) is turning into as big of a nerd as I am and the middle brother (Eric) has never played an RPG ever. I ran them through the basic idea of what AW is all about and they said “What the hell. Let’s give it a whirl.” I ran them through the base play books and we ended up with the following:

  • Jacob – Lars the Chopper
  • Eric – Topper the Driver

They ended up making the village of Little Chicago which had plenty of food and gas but nothing else in terms of resources. The way Little Chicago stays safe is the fact that almost no one outside of LC knows where it is. The nearby war zone of Wausau has been looking for it but to no luck. The only human threat that knows were LC is are the feral children that haunt the Lake of Fire. Our protagonists are really the only things that keep the town safe.

We start the story with our players hunting a patrol from Wausau that has gotten really close to finding LC. The hard holder of LC offer the players a barter each for their troubles. Lars gets his gang fired up and Topper hops in his battle van (which blasts the A Team song when they go into battle) and they head out. Unfortunately our gang ended up being ambushed by the raiders from Wausau. The bad guys are chasing our players down some dirt roads. Topper drives ahead while Lars and his gang slow the raiders down. Topper hides his van in some bushes and lets both groups whiz by. Once past Topper heads back onto the road and starts to chase them. Lars and his gang take a stand at an old bridge that spans a 100′ drop. Half of his gang heads out to get around and flank the raiders. Topper kept the raiders occupied and that’s when Lars comes flying in like a thunderstorm. He tries to ram the two cars the raiders had but sadly that’s when Eric realizes that a -2 to hard makes him bad at offensive driving. He misses and a whole cluster frak of a fight breaks out. In the end Topper’s gang is victorious but a bunch of the raiders escape.

Our heroes head back to town to rest a bit. We pick up a few days later when the farmers are trying to harvest their crops but the ferals are attacking them when they go out to their field. Long story short, things go to hell real quick. Turns out the ferals were going to raid the town but used the farmers on the outskirts as a decoy. The ferals raid LC and start some big fires which reveals LC to Wausau. Our “heroes” end up abandoning LC and grab what they can and book it. They head to Wausau in hopes of carving out a home for themselves there.

They set up shop in the woods near Wausau and Lars and Topper head into town to try to find out what they are up against. They learn that Nazis have taken over the west side and it turns out they get real sore when you try to kill their leaders. Lars and Topper head back to their base using the now on fire van of Topper. Needless to say the burning tires left a great trail for the Nazis to follow. Lars starts making preparations for the upcoming fight and it was this time that Topper got an advancement. He took “My other car is a tank.” So apparently someone left a fully functioning semi truck and trailer filled with grenade launchers in the woods. So the ambush is set, complete with semi truck.

The Nazis come in through the dirt road. Lars’s gang lights up some Molotovs and light the nazis up. Topper and Lars are in their new tank and charge the Nazis. Their leader pulls a bazooka and fires at the oncoming tank. This was when Eric found out Topper is really good at staying on the road. Eric choose moves that let Topper roll sharp instead of cool when doing something under fire, but only when he’s in a vehicle. He also gets to add his cars power to the roll. Topper was rolling +4 to dodge a rocket. He rolled a 16. So now we have a semi truck that jack knifes just right so the rocket passes harmlessly between the truck and trailer, then stops just inches from the leader and his car. Lars levels the grenade launcher at the leader and asks him kindly to surrender because Lars really doesn’t want to be covered in gibs when he pulls the trigger.

And that’s how they took over the Nazi gang of the west side.

Good times.

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