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How Many Classes Are In Class Warfare?

Hi all. I posed a math question to Jacob the other day. How many possible combos are there from the Dungeon World supplement Class Warfare? Jacob is a huge nerd and loves to math all over the place. Here is what he came up with.


There are 5 archetypes. Each archetype has several specialties available, with 85 total specialties available among them.

Adventurer Archetype: 14 specialties

Disciple Archetype: 15 specialties

Magician Archetype: 19 specialties

Rogue Archetype: 16 specialties

Warrior Archetype: 21 specialties

To build a character/class, You pick 2 specialties in the same archetype, and for your third choice, you can either choose an advanced move from one of your current specialties or a third specialty from ANY archetype.

You have to calculate each archetype separately and add the results. For each archetype, the choice are unordered with no duplicates (choosing an advanced move from one of your current specialties may seem like a duplicate, but we’ll use a different calculation for that, as you’ll see). So we have an unordered combination:

n = # specialties in archetype

r = 2

The reason for two (instead of 3, since we essentially have 3 pieces to choice to build our class) is that we have to separate each archetype’s calculation into 2 parts: the choice of 2 specialties within an archetype and the choice of ANY/no third specialty.

So that covers the first part of the archetype’s calculation. Now, all you have to do it multiply it against all the possible options for the second half. There are a total of 85 specialties, 2 of which have already been used for the first half of the calculation, which leave 83. You can add one to that to represent the choice of not choosing a third specialty, giving us 84.

So, to get our total, we would use the following calculation:

(C(14, 2) x 84) + (C(15, 2) x 84) + (C(19, 2) x 84) + (C(16, 2) x 84) + (C(21, 2) x 84)

Which equals 58,548.

We’re fairly certain on this number but if someone wants to run the numbers again to check and see, that would be awesome.

So in closing there are over 58k classes you can make with Class Warfare. If you love Dungeon World and want more possible play books than you will ever use, get this book!

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