by Delos

Apocalypse World Play by Post

I started an AW PbP last week and things are going really well. We’re in our “first session” and fecal matter has hit the oscillating air mover. The cast consists of:

  • Cash – Our Operator (the guy you go to for odd jobs)
  • Crille – Our Gunlugger (the guy you go to when you want something really really dead, he is a very scary man)
  • Lemieux – Our Savvyhead (the guy you go to when things are broken)
  • Sin – Our Brainer (the lady you go to when…well when you need some weird companionship)
  • Eden – Our Hocus (the person who runs the cult of POT – Piece of Old Technology)
  • Damsom – Our Battlebabe (the man you go to when you want butt kicked while looking really good)

Something I love about AW and that sets it apart from other RPGs is the fact that you generally don’t have the whole group together all the time. Right now I paired everyone up and let thing go wild. Currently:

  • Cash and Crille are in an old, destroyed city trying to find some tech for the POT heads. They were beset by some 6 legged, scaled, dogs and are currently fighting for their lives. We discovered how scary Crille is when he unloaded a round into one of these dogs and the thing just exploded. They aren’t suppose to explode, fyi. Cash is doing his best to get a transistor out of an old tv station monitor, but the damn thing still has power going through it. Now which cable to cut?
  • Lemieux is currently brokering a deal with a local for a new heater for his Lem’s place. Damn thing just went out and the nights are getting mighty cold. While Lem is out Sin walks by his place and discovers an intruder. The intruder makes a run for it but Sin tackles him to the ground, only to discover that the thief is the son of the hard holder (mayor of the town) and the thief is threatening to use his father’s power to get away.
  • Eden gets woken up by one of they cult. They found out that Damson slept with one of the members and are now demanding that Damson join the cult. The cult had already taken off early that morning. Damson, in the mean time, is on his roof with a rifle trying to size up the situation and trying to figure out who he’d have to kill first if things go south.

Over all it’s going really well. The PbP is being done via forums and this allows me to keep the stories going at the same time and keeps them separated. I’ll try to do a weekly update as this game goes on. Also I want to show off this website. It has a fantastic random generator for AW and Dungeon World. Check it out.

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