by Delos

DW According to Bork

So our buddy Bork ran his first DW game this past week. It was weird for me since I’ve been behind the GM screen for so long I forgot that I don’t throw my character at the enemy and if they die, oh well. I need to remember “I want to live, I want to live.” Bork is a fair and just GM, and he is hard core. He killed his first PC on his very first outing. I was so proud.

The game started with the three of us waking up in a cave with nothing by the beards on our faces to keep us warm. Turns out we all rolled dwarves. I ended up making a strong dwarf (Class Warfare Warrior) by the name of Balwin Armstrong. Yeah I totally ripped off FMA, and I’m not sorry. My first fellow dwarf was a cleric by the name of Helga and a golemancer (Class Warfare again) by the name of Constantine. Turns out we also all had the ability to magically blow through rock. Since we were in a cave full of evil cultists that made things interesting.

Bork had a dungeon planned out for us to escape from. I’m not a fan of preplanned dungeons but that’s the cards we were dealt. We pushed through a few rooms of undead, all the while I’m punching our way to victory. Bork was very open to play suggestions for NPCs and events, which made the world more our own, and that’s a good feeling. Now I know to do that more for the games I run.

Sadly we lost our golemancer. Bork liked to deal damage and to be fair we were just plowing through things. I’m sure he’ll turn up again, probably as a enemy zombie wizard.

We escaped, barely, and ended up in the town of Lion’s Arch (GW2 reference). There we started prepping the town for the impending doom of the Lich King.

Overall we had a blast and I’m definitely gaining more insight on what a GM does, or doesn’t do, that helps draw the players into the game.


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