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AW Update

So the Apocalypse World play by post is still going strong. For those of you just tuning in our cast includes

Cash- an Operator with a reputation that he’ll get the job done, no matter what

Eden- a Hocus and leader of the Cult of POT (Pieces of ol’Tech)

Sin- a Brainer who is so weird, she’s hot

Crille- a Gun Lugger one man army (seriously he is scary)

Lem- a Savvy Head with the makings of a mad scientist

Damson- a Battle Babe who is cold as ice and scary as hell

Last time the players were partnered up and dealing with trouble. (Little copy/paste coming from the last time I wrote about this)

  • Cash and Crille are in an old, destroyed city trying to find some tech for the POT heads. They were beset by some 6 legged, scaled, dogs and are currently fighting for their lives. We discovered how scary Crille is when he unloaded a round into one of these dogs and the thing just exploded. They aren’t suppose to explode, fyi. Cash is doing his best to get a transistor out of an old tv station monitor, but the damn thing still has power going through it. Cash sucks it up and cuts all the cables. It works, as he electrocutes himself, but he’s got what he needs. Now the mutts are coming in full force. Crille is smoking them left and right but Nano, a NPC who helps Cash on occasion, is freaking out since all the exits are covered. The group sees an empty elevator shaft complete with dangling cables and they make a break for it. Nano and Cash make it down fine, and Crille got down as well, but a lot faster than the other two. The group hop in their car and get the hell out of the city.
  • Lemieux is currently brokering a deal with a local for a new heater for his Lem’s place. Damn thing just went out and the nights are getting mighty cold. While Lem is out Sin walks by his place and discovers an intruder. The intruder makes a run for it but Sin tackles him to the ground, only to discover that the thief, named Kristal, is the son of the hard holder (mayor of the town) and the thief is threatening to use his father’s power to get away. Our two protagonists decide to let him go and give him a swift kick in the ass for good measure. That should end well.
  • Eden gets woken up by one of they cult. They found out that Damson slept with one of the members and are now demanding that Damson join the cult. The cult had already taken off early that morning. Damson, in the mean time, is on his roof with a rifle trying to size up the situation and trying to figure out who he’d have to kill first if things go south. One of the cult decides to pull a weapon but Damson smokes the cult member before he can do anything. That’s when Eden shows up. Eden is able to talk things down and Eden and Damson talk things through and they find out that the member who slept with Damson is pregnant with Kristal’s (the hard holders wanker of a son) baby. Amends were made and people went their separate ways.

I picked things up again by pairing up people again. This time we have:

  • Cash and Eden working out the deal for the transistor that Cash got from the ruins
  • Sin is dealing with Kristal’s boys for embarrassing Kristal. Thankfully Crille was around and scared them off.
  • Lem and Damson were hired by Uncle Vega, the hard holder, to check out a nearby bunker that had been found. Turns out the neighboring hard hold had heard about it and when Lem and Damson got there, their rivals had beat them to it. Weird thing is they left their trucks just sitting outside of the bunker, unguarded.

It’s been a real blast to run this so far. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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