by Jacob

Worldbreakers in Fate Part 4: Exemplified

Check out the earlier parts of this series in order to know what this is.

This is rather hastily put together, so I’m sorry if I missed anything or it’s not well-built.

Count Friday, the Black

Influential Noble Possesed by the Demon, Kizarth
Swordsman of the Heron-Marked Blades
Insightful Manipulator

+4 Provoke
+3 Fight, Will
+2 Drive, Athletics, Resources
+1 Stealth, Deceive, Contacts, Investigate

Stress            Consequences
Physical: 1, 2        Mild, Moderate, Severe
Mental: 1, 2, 3, 4

Heavy Hitter   When you succeed with style on a Fight attack and choose to reduce the result by one to gain a boost, you gain a full situation aspect with a free invocation instead
Armor of Fear    You can use Provoke to defend against Fight attacks, but only until the first time you’re dealt stress in a conflict.
Lies Upon Lies    +2 to create a Deceive advantage against someone who has believed one of your lies already during this session.

Worldbreaker Specs

Trigger: When Friday receives a Moderate or Severe consequence for the first time, it is negated and triggers the Surge

Surge Ability: Friday does a spinning attack his enemies. He makes a Fighting Attack against all enemies in reach, defended by Overcome using any relevant Skill. If his enemies succeed at overcoming his attack, they do not take the damage, but they are still pushed back and knocked down. Then he backs off to an adjacent unoccupied zone. Any boosts or advantages against him that make sense to be lost by him breaking away and refocusing are removed.

Other Surge Effects: Fight and Provoke swap skill bonuses (Fight is now +4, Provoke is now +3). He cannot defend with Fight; normal attacks are now defended with Athletics. He also gains the Summon Minions and Flaming Swipe stunts.

Post-Surge Stunts
Summon Minions    Roll Resources (can use up to one +2 from invoking to boost the roll). The number rolled is the number of Demon Minions that are summoned into a mob at a random place in the area. If it is negative, you lose some control, and a number of minions equal to the negative number disappear.
Flaming Swipe    Make individual Fight attacks against every enemy in the same zone that you occupy. If you use Heavy Hitter‘s effect, the aspect must pertain to fire.

Demon Minion

Summoned Imp from Hell

+2 Deceive
+1 Fight, Stealth

1 Physical or Mental

When Friday is defeated, the minion(s) flee(s) to do foul mischievous deeds elsewhere.

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