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Apocalypse World Play by Post Update

For those keeping score at home I have been running a game of Apocalypse World (AW) via Play by Post (PB) for a little over a month now. If you haven’t read it yet check out this article before continuing.

  • Lem and Damson discover that that the trucks have holes in them. Like through the engine block holes. Lem, being a savvy head, looks at some of the debris he found inside the holes. His weirdness for tech tells him that something not human was around it right before it was fired into the engine block. That’s when a naked man runs out of the bunker they are investigating. He screams about monsters and is promptly vaporized as a cyborg comes out of the bunker behind him. The two see this and Damson get’s his rifle out and takes a shot at it. The cyborg takes a round to the head, but that’s a thick skull. Lem is scrambling for another truck and is hoping to jump start it before someone gets vaporized. Damson gets shot at but staying under cover saves his hyde.
  • Cash hands over the part, gets his payment and looks for Sin and Crille. Eden got Cerebro (a radio tower that has been tuned to speak through the Psychic Maelstrom) up and running. He gets it running and sends a message to everyone in town (and further). Needless to say Eden was actually really surprised it worked (I learned that giving the players what they want is the best way to surprise them, then turn it on its ear). Eden heard another voice. It sounded like the cyborgs in the bunker that Lem and Damson is dealing with. The cyborgs heard Eden. And they are coming in four days. Course the best part is that only Eden heard this. On the plus side, about 40 some odd people show up to the temple to join the cult. That was all fine and good until one of them turned out to be working for Kristal (the mayor’s son) and is trying to take one of the cult members that is pregnant with Kristal’s kid. Eden stepped in and agreed to go as a hostage.
  • Cash, Sin, and Crille are in a bar discussing what to do about this Kristal fellow when Eden’s broadcast happens and a bunch of people leave the bar to go check it out. Our three PCs are ambushed by another of Kristal’s goons. The best part of this situation is that the PCs left their guns at the door while the ambushers are still armed. It’s going to be interesting to see how a gun lugger fights with out his guns. Honestly at this point I’m thinking the Brainer is probably the most dangerous person in the group. Should be interesting.

Once these scenes wrap I’m going to end the session, give out a free advance to everyone (since some folks are in really different time zones our ability to be online at the same time is next to none, so their stories are a little slower and less chances for rolls happen). Some things I’ve learned thus far:

  • AW is great for PbP. It’s so easy to separate and bring together folks when I need to.
  • Time Zones make thing slow some times, but if the group is willing to keep it slow so we’re all on the same pace, it’s not that much of a bother.
  • I think it was Vincent Baker that said (and I’m paraphrasing here) that AW is not about building the Jenga tower, it’s about knocking it over and seeing where everything lands. This is so important. Making poop hit the fan makes for a much more interesting game than loading the poop canon and lining up the fan to hit it just right.
  • Seducing people is a great way to get XP for the group. I wonder if this works in real life.

Thanks for reading.

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