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Delving into the internet this week I found an interesting game called Mythender. You can find it here. I wasn’t sure what I had found but with the price of FREE I couldn’t pass that up. It was written by Ryan Macklin, who had something to do with FATE, so it had that going for it which is nice. The tag line that caught my eye on the website is:

On the other side of this bloodied snowy plain stands Thor, God of Thunder and Mythic Norden’s warmaster. His thousands of einherjar charge at you and your two comrades. Mortals watch from the distance, unable to turn their gaze away from the oncoming storm. As the horde charges, you let out a bellow that drowns them all out, shaking the very earth beneath their feet. Armed with your sword, loyal wolf companion, and your wits, you and your friends dive into the fray.

It’s pitiful. These fools don’t stand a chance. You’re a Mythender!

Ok so it sounds like Exalted. Your “low level” enemies are whole armies. That sounds neat. Kind of has a God of War feel to it. Let’s delve in.

Oh my…

This is ridiculous in the best way possible.

So the basic idea is you and your friends are demigods tasked with trying to end the established deities of norse mythologies. You’ve had enough of the gods crap and will free mankind from their tyranical rule. The kicker is that you run the risk of becoming the gods you hate. As you play the game you’ll keep pulling from your Mythic Heart (think the god part of your soul) which will burn away your human soul (think the human part of your soul). If you lose your humanity, you become a new god and most likely will stand in the way of your former friends.

Now this game only does one thing, but it doesn’t try to be something it’s not, which is great. This game is all about throwing fists full of dice and describing the most ridiculous action sequences one can imagine. There are no maps or minis. You can if you really want, but considering the first bad guy you fight in the tutorial battle is an army of zombie vikings numbering in the thousands, I’d just stick to the imagination. One thing you will need is a lot of six sided dice. Preferably in three colors. There are a bunch of moving parts for this game, but the book literally has a step by step guide to running the first battle and introduce the mechanics. I’m hoping to run it this weekend, and I’ll give a detailed play report next week.

If you’ve had the chance to play this please let us know.

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