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Wheel of Time Classes for Dungeon World: The Traveller

A while back, my bud decided he would like to run a Wheel of Time campaign in Dungeon World. At first he was thinking about just using the built-in classes and reflavoring them, but I was able to change his mind on that, showing how they really didn’t fit the “classes” of characters in Wheel of Time. We decided we wanted to make the creation relatively simple, though, and just steal moves from different classes in order to build our own.

But then we found the Class Warfare book. We wrote a quick mathematical article about it a little bit ago, showing the basic number of possible classes that could be built from the book. There’s a lot of good stuff to work with there, so we decided to use that as our main source for building our classes.

But it’s never that simple with me :). I can never properly follow the rules. We do use the book mostly as intended, but not completely. One of the major blocks for doing that was the fact that there aren’t race selections. Everyone’s human, except the Ogier, which have their own “class” (they’re similar enough to each other to warrant it). There’s another civilization of humans, called the Aiel, that also have a strong archetype, so they have 1 ½ classes. The half class is for the Wise Ones, which are the channellers of the group. They are a specialized build in the Channeller class.

I also couldn’t help defying convention when it comes to class structure, either. I’m not sure how much I’ll do this with other classes, but with the class today, The Traveller, There are 4 base moves for the class, but, depending on which of the 3 builds you choose, you won’t get one of them.

The Traveller (Gleeman, Peddler, or Hunter of the Horn)

Some Stats:

Damage Die: d6
Load: 7 + STR
Max HP: 6 + Constitution


Neutral: Learn a new story or skill to use as entertainment.
Evil: Give someone false information that will harm them.
Good: Use your expanded knowledge of the world to help someone.


I travel with ___ because he/she protects me.
___ enjoys my entertainment and wishes to learn to do the same.
___ has gotten him/herself in trouble with some dangerous people. I will help them out of it.

Builds (Replaces Race)

Gleeman: You can always use CHA when rolling Discern Realities.
Peddler: When you miss on a Resources (see below) roll, you can still get the item, but the cost or difficulty is even higher, or you can get an obvious fake at the cost of a real one.
Hunter of the Horn: Add the following options to the the list for Pull Out A Weapon(see below):

  • Small Thrown (hand, thrown, near, 2 ammo)
  • Defensive (+1 armor while wielding)
  • Forceful and messy

Starting Moves

Free Lodging
You can always find a place to stay for free or really cheap by offering to tell stories or provide other entertainment, such as playing music or juggling.

Ear For Gossip (Requires Gleeman or Peddler)
When you first arrive at a location or need some information and have enough time to ask around, you can make a Discern Realities roll with CHA instead of WIS.

Pull Out A Weapon (Requires Gleeman or Hunter of the Horn)
(This move is taken from the Arsenal specialty in Class Warfare)
You have a whole arsenal of weapons at your disposal. It is 4 weight and starts with stock +2. While you carry it around, you can instantly produce weapons of any type with the hand, close, or reach tags. When you pull out a more specialized weapon, roll+stock. On a 10+, describe it and choose one option from the list below. On a 7-9, you can still choose one option but you can’t choose that option again until you restock your arsenal by buying more weapons.

  • +1 damage
  • 2 piercing
  • Precise
  • Ranged weapon (near, far) with 1 ammo
  • Stun damage

When you pull out and define a specialized weapon, write it down: once you have four, you cannot pull out another until you restock your arsenal. If you lose or give away a weapon from your arsenal, take -1 stock until you restock. When you restock, your arsenal is restored to stock +2 and you can keep one weapon as a separate item. The rest go back into your arsenal, erase them.

Resources (Requires Peddler or Hunter of the Horn)
When you need a rare or specific item that’s not on your sheet, roll+CHA. On a 10+, you have it or know how to get it (discuss with the GM). On a 7-9, you can get it, but at a cost or difficulty, or you can get something similar, but not the same.


Adventuring gear (5 uses, 1 weight)
Bandages(3 uses)
2 daggers (hand, 2 weight)

Gleeman’s cloak
instrument or juggling balls (1 weight for either)

13 gold

Hunter of the Horn:
Short sword (close, 1 weight)

Levelling Up

I have all the moves chosen for the class to have available when it levels up between 2 and 5, but it would be too much work (and a little too much stuff copied from a book) to fully type them out for you. So I’ll just put their names and which specialty they’re from.

A Little Help From My Friends (Veteran)
I Know People Who Know People(Merchant)

Requires Pull Out A Weapon:
The Good Soldier (Veteran)
Setup Strike (Veteran)

Requires Ear For Gossip:
Charming and Open (Good Samaritan)
Ask Me Anything (Good Samaritan)
Show Me The Way (Good Samaritan)

Requires Resources:
Pack Rat (Arsenal)
Dominion; with a fair bit of tweaking (Householder)
Eye For Loot (Merchant)

Other Design Notes

You may have noticed that I pulled from more than 3 specialties. It uses moves from Arsenal, Veteran, Householder, Merchant, and Good Samaritan. Resources is copied from a move that we’d seen somewhere before, but we can’t remember where.

There were times where I considered splitting this into 3 classes, but there was so much overlap that I couldn’t bring myself to do it.


If you have any thoughts on the balance of the class or whether it properly fits the theme of the character classes, let me know. I don’t plan to put too much more work into this, but if something strikes me as a really good idea, I’ll definitely take it.


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