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Wheel of Time Classes for Dungeon World: Aiel Warrior

When starting work on the Aiel, I really expected the class to fall under the Warrior archetype, but it ended up being in the Rogue archetype. After doing some thinking about this, I realized that it made sense, but I had fought a little with myself on it for a while.

This class doesn’t have the same sort of build structure that the Traveler did (you can go to the Wheel of Time page in order to see all of the completed classes so far). It simply replaces Race with Builds, which in this case, are different societies of the Aiel, such as Maidens of the Spear, Stone Dogs, and Red Shields, which all get simple bonuses, as Races usually do.

The Maidens of the Spear are all women, and the other societies are exclusively male. Obviously, if you’re being true to the stories, you would stick to that, but seeing that this is a game, you can choose the bonus from any society. If you do so, I would still consider reskinning it to fit as another society (especially since the bonuses for Stone Dogs and Red Shields were relatively arbitrary). If you have a male character that is a “Maiden”, maybe you can choose some other form of communication, like a secret language. Considering the number of societies and how little we really know about them, it wouldn’t be surprising if one of them had a secret language.

Note: for those with no knowledge about the Aiel, ji and toh, are part of the Aiel’s honor system, ji’e’toh. Ji is honor, and toh is obligation.

Okay, let’s look at the class now

Aiel Warrior

Some Stats:

Damage Die: d6 (d8 from Rogue archetype, but the spec from Skirmisher drops it a die size)

Load: 8+STR

Max HP: 6+Constitution


Lawful: Fulfill any toh you have toward someone.

Evil (aka Shaido or Brotherless): Steal something from the innocent

??: ??

Our alignments for Aiel Warrior really need some work. Any suggestions would be helpful


___ was once my enemy, but we’ve since reconciled.

___ would benefit greatly from following ji’e’toh.

I have toh towards ___.

Sometimes, I think ___ has a death wish.


Maiden of the Spear: You can carry out conversations with other Maidens using your hands. You can teach a little bit of handtalk to people who aren’t Maidens, but the Maidens will look unfavorably on this.

Stone Dog: If you accomplish your alignment condition during a fight, gain one ji(see Fight with Honor), up to a maximum of three total.

Red Shield: When you wield a shield, it gives an addition +1 armor. When you do not wield a shield, your melee attacks have +2 piercing.

Starting Moves

Spear Throw

When you throw your spear, roll+DEX. On a 10+, you hit your intended target and deal your damage. On a 7-9, also choose one:

  • The spear is lodged and won’t be easy to recover.
  • The spear’s shaft is damaged, take -1 ongoing to Spear Throw
  • The spear’s head is broken, it deals -1 damage from now on.

When you spend an hour or so repairing your spear, remove its negative effects.


When you spend a moment getting into position near an ally, they become your Fulcrum on the battlefield. You can still act normally, but by keeping an eye on your Fulcrum, you’ll often find opportunities for quick strikes against enemies they engage. This ally is considered your Fulcrum for as long as you stay Near them or until you select a new Fulcrum.

When you Aid your Fulcrum, add +1 to your roll.

Opportunity Strike

The actions of you Fulcrum will often open up enemies to your attacks. An Opportunity Strike might be a quick stab of your spear, or a javelin throw, or a fast shot from your bow. When you perform an Opportunity Strike, you deal d6 damage (and any weapon bonuses) to the target.

Reprisal When your Fulcrum takes damage, you can immediately make an Opportunity Strike against the attacker.

Flanking Maneuver When your Fulcrum attacks and deals damage, you can immediately make an Opportunity Strike against the same target. (If the attack hits multiple targets, choose one).

Stay Out Of Sight

When you hide amongst natural cover, you cannot be detected by any normal means until you reveal yourself.

Fight with Honor

When you enter a fight, roll+CON. On a 10+, hold 3 ji. On a 7-9, hold 2 ji. On a miss, hold 1 ji anyway, but your enemies already have the drop on you. Spend a ji during the fight to achieve one of the following effects:

  • Block a blow meant for you or someone else (you take half damage).
  • Break free from bonds or other confinement.
  • Cross the distance between yourself and a foe, bypassing all obstacles.
  • Deal your damage to a foe within reach
  • Leap over or across a physical obstacle.

You lose any remaining ji once the fight is over.

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

You are never unarmed – your body, and each of your limbs, is a weapons (hand, 0 weight), just as good as any other.


4 spears (reach, thrown, near, 1 weight)

Shield (+1 armor, 2 weight)

Belt knife (hand, 1 weight)

Bow (2 ammo, near, far, 1 weight)


Choose 1:

Adventuring Gear (5 uses, 1 weight)

Trail Rations (5 uses, 1 weight)

Leveling Up

Just like last time, I’m just going to list the moves for levels 2-5:

Some sort of bonus to scouting during a perilous journey

Like a Ghost (Shadow)

Hand of Monkey (Martial Hero) – will likely be renamed

Honorable Society (Martial Hero)

Light as a Feather (Martial Hero)

Feint (Skirmisher)

Resourceful Carver (Skirmisher)

Evade (Skirmisher)

Confidence (Skirmisher)

Shield Wall (Skirmisher)

Other Design Notes

I’m considering getting rid of the Spear Throw move. I consider it an zero-powered move, in that it can end up better than doing Volley, but it could also be worse. Because of this, I allowed it to be added for free, since it represents the flavor of Aiel better than Volley, but it seems like it might be too much, especially since the Fulcrum move is such a convoluted move, requiring two moves (Fulcrum and Opportunity Strike), one of which comprising 2 more moves(Opportunity Strike contains Reprisal and Flanking Maneuver). Should I bother keeping Spear Throw? Let me know what you think.


If you have any thoughts on the balance of the class or whether it properly fits the theme of the character class, let me know. I don’t plan to put too much more work into this, but if something strikes me as a really good idea, I’ll definitely use it.



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