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Mythender Play Report

So over this past weekend my group got to try out Mythender with me being the Mythmaster (GM). We didn’t have a lot of time to play so we only did the tutorial battle. We did character creation in about 20 minutes. I had printed out the whole book and was able to just hand out sheets the group was able to just hold onto and not have to copy over from a master copy. Character creation is sort of like FATE in the sense that you pick out a few aspects that define your character. You pick out your past (who you were before you became a deity killer), your heart (who you are as a person now), and your fate (what god you are fated to become should your humanity slip). You then get to pick out three weapons that you use to smite down the gods. These can be intrinsic (your skill of blades or magic you possess), a relic (a blade your father gave you or a trinket your child gave you), or a companion (a worshiper or beasts that obey you). I had my players pick one of each off of lists that can be found in the book. You then pick out what your god forms are. Think of it like Super Saiyan 1, 2, and 36. As more of your humanity slips and more of your deity shows you gain some awesome cosmetic changes. These are all fluff, but you can do some crazy stuff with it.

The tutorial battle does a great job walking everyone through the mechanics. There is a bit of crunch to this system, and it is unlike any other game I’ve played before. Honestly this RPG is God of War meets Dragon Ball Z. You power up over a couple of rounds then unleash wanton destruction on your enemy, while all the while waiting to assume your final form, but I mean this in the best possible way. The scale that you do things is ridiculous. A word of warning for those who want to run this. Do the tutorial battle as written. Unless you have folks who know what they are doing before you started playing, going off script is a bad idea.

My group fought an army of viking warriors who served Thor. An army is sort of the base level of bad guy in this game. Needless to say that the PCs won the day (cause that’s how it is written) but everyone had a really good time. Everyone got to feel like a bad ass regardless of what they ended up playing. The mechanics are a little confusing due to the naming structure (Lightning tokens, Thunder Dice, Mythic Dice, Storm Dice, etc) but there are little cheat sheets on the character sheets so you have that going for you. Give it a try if you are looking for a one shot or a longer running game. You can find it here. Thanks for reading.

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