by Delos

Apocalypse World Update

So my play by post is still going strong. Here’s an update on what’s happening.

Eden (Hocus) had a talk with Sin (Brainer) about what to do with Kristal (son of the town leader). Kristal has been after Sin and a few others in the group after an ass kicking that went the wrong way for Kristal. Sin also got her hands on Do (Kristal’s girl friend) and is currently…”interrogating” her for information. While Eden is at Sin’s place, a bunch of Kristal’s goons show up. Funny thing is Sin had improved quite a bit since the last time anyone messed with her, and now has the ability to really screw with people’s minds. After a bit of a tussle and shoot out, Sin ends up exploding one of the goon’s head with a touch and a thought. Needless to say everyone freaks out and runs for it. In the chaos Do dies. Sin and Eden end up heading back to the Temple that Eden watches over. There Eden attempts an augury over one of their members (Tootsie) who was kidnapped by Kristal earlier in the game. Tootsie is preggers with Kristal’s baby and Kristal wants that kid, but Tootsie wants nothing to do with Kristal.

Currently the Battlebabe (Damson) and Gunlugger (Crille) are looking for their friend the Operator (Cash). Cash’s sadly had to drop out of the game so his character was last seen being taken away and driven towards the ruins, west of Restop (the town this takes place). Damson and Crille decide to go talk to Uncle Vega (town leader) about borrowing a driver and car to head out there. Uncle agrees under one circumstance, that Damson and Crille kill Tootsie and dispose of the body. Damson and Crille are in Tootsies room when the augury hits and ends up revealing everyone’s deepest fear to the others in the room. All except Tootsie. Note that Damson knows that Tootsie is pregnant with Kristal’s child. Things are interesting to say the least.

The Savvy head (Lem) decides to take the broken cyborg to Uncle and let him know the shit storm that may be coming to Restop. He arrives shortly after Damson and Crille did, but they didn’t see each other. Lem is taken to the back of the property and shows Uncle Vega the cyborg. That’s when the augury hits them as well and Lem learns that Uncle is afraid/paranoid that everyone is trying to take Restop from him. To be fair he is very old and sick, but the old codger isn’t going to give leadership to anyone. He plans on having the city die with him.

So that’s where we stand at the moment. Lots of tension going on. Much fun. Wow.

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