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Coming Up On Wheel Of Time Dungeon World: The Great Captain

I wasn’t able to work up a full new class for you guys this past week, so, to sate your thirst a little bit, I decided I’d tell you about the next Wheel of Time class for Dungeon World, Great Captain, and what I’m thinking of doing for the class. None of this has been discussed yet with the my co-designer, so this definitely isn’t final.

As usual, a lot of this is going to be stuff pulled from the Class Warfare book. If you want to see the rest of my work for Dungeon World classes for the Wheel of Time setting, check our page about it.

What is the Great Captain?

The Great Captain class represents any character who is leading or has lead armies into battle and was really good at it. Some of the key examples of Great Captains in the stories are Mat, who has several lifetimes of memories of leading armies as well as currently being the leader of the Band of the Red Hand, as well as Gareth Bryne, the old leader of Andor’s armor and the current leader of the siege on the White Tower.

These people are masters of strategy, both in armies and small parties, knowing what it takes to win any and every encounter, or knowing how to avoid the unwinnable fight. They synergize their teammates, making the group fight at peak efficiency.

Class Basics

I’m expecting that the class will end up being a Warrior archetype (if I’m wrong again, I’m going to have to do some serious rethinking). The main specialties I expect to be using are the Captain (a natural choice), War Leader (again, an obvious choice) but likely going for a different base move, and, depending on if I feel we have enough synergy-based moves, something like the Good Samaritan or Standard Bearer. Veteran also seems like a pretty good prospect for something to work with. I expect that we will be developing a fair few custom moves for this class.

So, to start with, a Great Captain has at least a small posse of followers, which the Captain class gives us. It gives you a crew of 12-15 people and you can choose the type of crew that it is and some “features” of the group. The type determines what stat you use to lead them, such as STR for commanding a gang of thugs or CHA for followers for a cause.

Next it gives two strengths and one weakness. You can reduce (5-10) or increase(20-30) the size of the crew depending on strengths or weaknesses chosen, as well as things like saying the crew run a ship or caravan or they’re poor with bad equipment and no money.

I like the War Leader, except that his base move is simply about recruiting allies. That’s all well and good, and we might keep it, but not as a base move, since we already have a crew. The rest of War Leader’s moves are great, though, revolving around war tactics and being a leader. for example, your crew can get +1 forward to a charge that you lead, or various tactical advantages gained through the Tactical Commander move, which allows your crew to possibly do things such as avoiding a battlefield hazard or rallying your allies to remove shaken or routed conditions.

The next bit is something I have to discuss with my partner first. I want the Great Captain to be plenty good at one-on-one combat, but it’s plausible that the fact that he’s of the Warrior Archetype is enough. Being a Warrior already gives you the highest numbers for damage, load, and HP.

Other Possibilities

Standard Bearer might be a good third specialty, but I’m thinking I might make it so that the third specialty is based on your build. The builds that I’m considering are Royal Commander, which means you’re the leader of an officially sanctioned army, likely giving nobility or similar; Leader of Rebellion, so it’s possible to include characters like Masema or False Dragons into the class; and Natural Leader, which allows for normal people to have a strong following simply for the fact that people are want to follow him (or her). Other than the third specialty, the build will also likely dictate which of the three crew types you’ll get from the Captain specialty, since the three options largely line up with the listed builds. More than likely, each build will just erase one of the three options, in order to keep the choice a little freer.


If you’ve got any other ideas for the Great Captain, let me know. I’d love any sort of inspiration I can get.


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