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Star Wars World

So last night I got the gang together to try out Star Wars World. This is an Apocalypse World hack written by Andrew Medeiros of Urban Shadow fame. Andrew has an older version out but my group got to be the first to try out the newest version that he’s working on. I’m not going to give out the new version since it’s still in beta, but I can tell you that all the playbooks are still there and have been revamped and streamlined. The new version took a step further away from AW by changing a few of its basic moves, but odds are by the time the new version goes to print half the stuff I would write about will be different. Here was the story we ended up having.

The group consisted of:

  • Mal the Hutt- an Officer with a cruiser dubbed the Titanic
  • Valneck- the Bounty Hunter who is on contract to Mal atm
  • Lo-Gi- the Operative who is on staff for Mal and is his moral compass
  • Ti- the Gearhead that Mal bought/stole from another hutt

The story takes place a year (cycle?) after the destruction of the 2nd Peace Moon (Death Star) at the hands of the terrorists known as the Rebel Alliance. The Empire is still going strong in spite of the fact that the Emperor and Darth Vader were assassinated.

The group was hired to steal a cargo container from an Imperial transport. The Gearhead made a gravity well generator that forces ships out of hyperdrive and in doing so made the transport slow down while its escort kept going. This gave the group some time to get in before the ships with blasters got back, but a problem arose. The gravity well mucked up the players hyperdrive as well and they would need a new part that they could steal from the ship they are about to board. I asked a few questions to the group to get this all set up. A lot of this was their idea (which is fantastic since I didn’t have to work that hard).

All but the Officer went on the Bounty Hunter’s shuttle (the Officer sent his assassin droids in his stead) and boarded the transport. One thing lead to another and the PCs were in a shootout with the captain on the bridge. Our Gearhead decided to pull a Star Trek and blow the console panel the captain was next to. This allowed the group to get in and seal the bridge’s only exit. The Operative had a fantastic move that allowed him to create an escape hatch that even I didn’t know it was there. The group split up and the Operative held the bridge from storm troopers while the Gearhead was going to engineering for parts and the bounty hunter headed to the cargo hold.

The Operative kept the troopers at bay using Stand in Defense, while the Officer helped the Gearhead by ordering his droids into engineering and killing everyone down there. The cargo hold became a problem due to the fact that when the door opened a hail of blaster fire destroyed the first droid to walk in. The Bounty Hunter returned to her ship and proceeded to have the door to the cargo bay opened where she could then just blow the troopers away using her ship. She and the droids loaded up the cargo container and took off with the Gearhead. Around this time the escorts returned and the Operative used the captured transport as a shield to defend the Titanic. Using a clever ruse the Officer then acted like the ships were going to explode and probably destroy anyone near by. The Imperial fleet bought it and took off.

Once they group got back together on the Titanic they looked into the box they had stolen. The Gearhead figured out it was a cryo container and someone is inside but they don’t know who (someone shot the clipboard attached to the side of it). Unless they thaw the person out they can’t open it. The Bounty Hunter followed the money trail and discovered that they were hired by a Imperial black ops agent using the name Darth Nero. The group decided to try to sell the cryo container to the Rebel Alliance instead. They set up a rendezvous with the Alliance but when they arrived the Empire was there as well. They started up negotiating trade agreements (which was funny cause I joked that’s what the game would be about before we started playing but had no intention to follow through, jokes on me) and ultimately ended up selling to the Alliance, grabbing their creds, and flying out of there just before the fighting started.

We did an epilogue and the group is continually hunted by Darth Nero for betraying him, the Alliance has a new political leader who ends up uniting the Empire and Alliance into a Galactic Federation the likes of which the galaxy has never seen. It’s funny how this new leader looks an awful lot like a young Senator Palpatine…

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