Monthly Archive: : December 2014

by Delos

Apocalypse World Play by Post Update

For those keeping score at home I have been running a game of Apocalypse World (AW) via Play by Post (PB) for a little over a month now. If you haven’t read it yet check out this article before continuing. Lem and Damson discover that that the trucks have holes in them. Like through the…

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by Jacob

Worldbreakers in Fate Part 4: Exemplified

Check out the earlier parts of this series in order to know what this is. This is rather hastily put together, so I’m sorry if I missed anything or it’s not well-built. Count Friday, the Black Aspects Influential Noble Possesed by the Demon, Kizarth Swordsman of the Heron-Marked Blades Insightful Manipulator Skills +4 Provoke +3…

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