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Wheel of Time Classes for Dungeon World: The Great Captain

On Christmas Eve, I put out the post about the ideas I had for the Great Captain class in Dungeon World, so I’m going to bother to explain what the class is meant to cover. Instead, I’ll just hop right into the class description.

The Great Captain

Some Stats

Damage Die: d10
Load: 10+STR
Max HP: 10+Constitution


Good: Defeat a shadowspawn or darkfriend in battle
Neutral: Learn a secret about an enemy
Evil: Kill a defenseless or surrendered enemy


___ got me involved in a questionable adventure, and I’m having second thoughts about it now
___ is a fellow countryman/believer of my cause, and I will do what it takes to keep him alive
___ has stood by me in battle and can be trusted completely
___ doesn’t understand the complexities of real battles, but he soon will

Builds (Replaces Race)

Royal Commander: When you and your army require food or other simple supplies, you can commandeer them from locals of the country you serve
Rebellion Leader: When a hireling aids you in a fight, your additional damage provided by The Good Soldier is +1d6 instead of +1d4
Natural Leader: +1 to Weight of Command

Starting Moves

Loyal Crew
You run a gang. They could be soldiers, pirates, thieves, or mercenaries, but they’re yours and you are their captain and commander. By default, your crew is a medium-sized group(12-15 people), cautious, intelligent, and organized. In the normal course of operations, they obey your orders.
Choose what type of crew you have:

  • Your crew is a vicious and brutal gang of thugs. Add the savage tag, remove the cautious tag, and roll+STR to command them (Requires Rebellion Leader or Natural Leader Builds)
  • Your crew is a small-sized group (5-10 people) of elite troops. roll+WIS to command them. (Requires Royal Commander or Natural Leader Builds)
  • Your crew fights for a cause. Add the idealistic tag and roll+CHA to command them. At your option, you may remove the cautious tag. (Requires Royal Commander or Rebellion Leader Builds)

Choose two advantages:

  • They control a fortress or headquarters of some kind.
  • They engage in commerce or have jobs. Add the rich tag.
  • They run a ship or caravan.
  • They’re armed to the teeth, ready for war.
  • They’re skilled infiltrators. Add the stealthy tag.
  • They’re very social and know a lot of people.
  • Your crew is a large-sized group (20-30 people). If the the elite troops, it is now a medium-sized group.

Choose one drawback:

  • They have heretical and possibly anti-social beliefs
  • They’re dissolute, hedonistic, and perverse without your guidance.
  • They’re filthy and unwell. Remove the cautious tag.
  • They’re poor, with shoddy equipment and no money. Add the poor tag.
  • You and your crew are in significant debt to someone.
  • Your crew is a small-sized group (5-10 people). If it is already small, it becomes tiny (2-4 people). Cannot overlap with the large-sized group advantage.

The Weight of Command
When you issue commands to your crew during a charged situation, roll+your command stat. On a 10+, your crew obeys you. On a 7-9, you have a problem to deal with first. Either they demand rewards, fight back, or try to back down until you make an example of one of them or convince them some other way. On a miss, either one of them makes a concerted effort to supplant you as leader, or they fall prey to their drawbacks, GM’s choice.
The Good Soldier
When you aid an ally in a fight, they take +2 instead of +1 as well as +1d4 damage forward. When a hireling aids you in a fight, you deal an additional +1d4 damage.
Ask Me Anything
When another PC comes to you for advice about a difficult problem, if you tell them what you really think they should do, they take +1 forward if they follow your advice, and you mark XP if they succeed.


Adventuring gear (5 uses, 1 weight)
Short sword (close, 1 weight)
Bandages (3 uses)
Spyglass (1 weight)
Famous Flag or standard
Choose 1:

Levelling Up

As always, the moves gained from levelling up will not be fully listed in order to not provide too much stuff copied from the Class Warfare book. So the moves will simply be named, along with the specialty it came from.
Lieutenants (Captain)
Pirates and Thieves (Captain)
A Little Help From My Friends (Veteran)
Setup Strike (Veteran)
Scout (Veteran)
Skirmisher (Veteran)
Recruiting for the Cause(War Leader)
Charge! (War Leader)
Tactical Commander (War Leader)
Voice of Authority (War Leader)
All For One (Standard Bearer)
Battlefield Grace (Standard Bearer)

Other Design Notes

For the most part, I drew from the Captain, Veteran, and War Leader specialties. But one of the starting moves was actually from the Good Samaritan specialty because I didn’t like War Leader’s starting move (you don’t really need a way to recruit if you already have a decent crew), but I did make it available for levelling up. Also, I included a few Standard Bearer moves for additional crew synergy moves.


Let me know what you think of this class. Does it seem to work well for the theme? Is there something I missed?

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