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Evercon Weekend Part 1

So this weekend was frigging busy for me. Here in the Wausau area we had Evercon over the weekend.

  • Friday Night
    • Ran 13th Age
      • Set in Eberron
      • PC’s were crew of the air ship Serenity
      • Captain was a Cyre prince that goes by the name Mal Renolds
      • Apparently I was watching Firefly earlier that week.
  • Saturday Morning
    • Ran a panel about GMing any RPG
      • Aimed mostly at people looking to get into running RPG
      • Brought up a lot of things that I wish someone would have told me when I started out
  • Saturday Evening
    • Ran two game of Dungeon World
      • Had 6 players each game
      • Only had 2 hours to run each due to the fact that so many people wanted to try it out

So needless to say my brain hurts from all the creativity I had to spew forth. The play reports of the Dungeon World games will be later this week.  I had Jacob record the panel I ran and I’ll post the video sometime this week or next week.

13th Age

So I ran 13th age with my home group. I had an itch to get out of Dungeon World just for a bit and 13th Age is as about as far as I go for d20 games anymore. I like it’s faster combat and classes better than Pathfinder or D&D 3/4. (I haven’t tried D&D 5th but that’s a low priority at the moment) I had the following for a party:

  • A sorta dead elf necromancer from the island of Aerenal
  • A halfling cleric from the Talenta Plains
  • A drow barbarian from Xen’drik
  • A 1/2 wood elf ranger

Now the ranger was played by the wife of one of my regulars. She has little to no experience to these games, so I made her a ranger since she’s seen Lord of the Rings and rangers are one of the easier classes for 13th Age. We agreed ahead of time that we’d rip off ideas from Firefly and went with the Train Job episode. The heroes were hired to rob a lightning rail train that was headed to Fort Bones. Figuring that stealing from Karnnath would be fun the group set out to find the train and get the crate of dragon shards that resides on it. They find the train but it had been derailed on a spot that is dangerously close to the Mournland, a land that was turned into a magical wasteland during the last war. The party lands and begins to scout out the wreck.

First thing they noticed was that there were no bodies. The wreck was maybe a few hours old but there should have been some sign of life. The necromancer was a student of many different masters and used his broad knowledge to examine the engine. The elemental that powered it was gone and he found that someone had smashed up the dragon shard matrix before the train crashed.

The cleric and ranger went looking for the dragon shards in the hopes of getting a quick getaway. It was at this time the barbarian was looking for tracks and he realized that no one came or left the crash site. So where were all the bodies?

It was at this point the ranger rolled very poorly, while looking for clues, so I decided to introduce a complication. One of the train cars opened up from the inside and out poured 20 or so warforged, but these were not ordinary warforged. These had been fused with the bodies of men and then necromancied back to life. Needless to say watching our new player/ranger start to freak out from this turn of events made me chuckle. They surrounded the ranger and cleric and the battle began. A normal warforged popped out from on top of the car armed with a massive bow. It shouted, “Death to the flesh bags!” and began to pour on the artillery. This one had a small crate next to him and guarded it when the PC’s pressed him.

The fight was kept pretty straight forward, since we got started late I didn’t want to drag this out. There were some close calls but in the end the group was able to fight their way free and grab the loot, but I left them with an interesting question. As they left they looked into the Grey, what we call the fog like wall that surrounds the Mournland. They saw the silhouette of a hulking figure covered in blades watching them. Who was this and why didn’t it interfere? Guess they’ll find out some other time.

Thanks for reading.

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