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Evercon Weekend Part 2

Continuing on from my last article I did a presentation on tips, tricks, and rules to running any RPG while also motivating new GM’s to try their hand at it. I have the video up here, but just a heads up. The sound quality isn’t great, but I’m going to redo the video specifically for the website. I’ll let you know when I get it up.

I originally planned on running one game of Dungeon World at Evercon, but then about 12 people showed up to play. Well not wanting to disappoint I opted to run two games at two hours each for 6 people at a time. I don’t think my mind was ready for that 😛

I started each game asking a few questions and we ended up with the following.

Game One

The group survives a airship crash. They are the only survivors sans one servant of Death. Needless to say this servant the the group’s cleric of life don’t get along. They crashed in the middle of a mountain pass and start out by following a river down stream to find civilization. The group heard a noise in the distance. It sounds like a harpy, but something is off. Harpies can’t get to the size of a barn. This dire harpy starts to attack, looking for food for its young. The bard and cleric almost go with it. The wizard discovers that dire harpies have feathers that reflect magic. Eventually everyone realizes that shooting it in the eyes is a great place to start. Needless to say the harpy is annoyed by this and ends up retreating. In the aftermath of the battle the group sees the priest of Death preparing a funeral. When questioned he simply stated, “It must not be time yet.”

The group then found a cave to spend the night, but like most high action stories, this cave wasn’t empty. Once night hit goblins started pouring out but these goblins died long ago. The group started to panic (always fun) and the thief tried to sneak up on the cleric and hamstring him so as to buy the rest of the group time to escape (they had some negative bonds to say the least). It ended with those two wrestling on the ground as the horde approached. The rest of the group realized that the horde was being directed by the the servant of Death. The barbarian wasted no time and hacked into him. Only to find out that this man was also already dead. Half the group ran for it while the other stayed and fought. The barbarian took the head off the death priest and a demon of the nethers clawed its way out of the priests body. The wizard and barbarian are the only two left fighting at this point and everyone else has fled. Then when all hope seemed lost the barbarian maxed out a damage roll and ended up smoking the demon for 14 points of damage. Needless to say the barbarian had a bitch’n new hat. The group ended up regrouping and eventually making their way to civilization.

Since I only had two hours that was where we wrapped it up. I’ll write out what happened in game two for Friday. Thanks for reading.

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