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Evercon Weekend Part 3

Here is the final story from Evercon this year. I present to you

Game 2

of Dungeon World. Like I said in my last article I originally wanted to run 1 game of Dungeon World for 4 hours, but when 12 people showed up to play I opted to run two 2 hour sessions. Here’s the lowdown of game 2. Just a note that most of this story the players actually made up themselves. It was fantastic.

The heroes heard about a dragon that lived in the deep dark caves of the mountains. Apparently some adventurers had found the cave when their airship crashed and brought word of the caves existence when they made it back to civilization. Turns out this was the entrance to the fabled deep dragon. A creature that would erupt out of the ground in the middle of castles and villages, kill any it could, take what ever it could, then would burrow back to its lair. The tales say that this dragon has a mountain of gold in its lair.

The group starts out just as they discovered the main chamber of the dragon. The group sees a massive chamber the size of a stadium with columns about 10 to 20 feet in diameter. There is glowing fungus all over the walls that gives this eerie glow of blue and green. Shadows are everywhere and in the middle of this lair is the mountain of gold. The players start to hedge in.

(Side note: AFAIK none of these players had ever played DW before. I got a lot, and I do mean a lot, of questions along the lines of, “If I try this or that, do I have a chance to succeed?” or “Will this or that work?” It was amazing the amount of hypothetical out of game questions that were asked. After about 10 minutes of this they finally started to actually do things.)

The ranger climbed up to a vantage point and had his hawk scout out the cavern. The fighter just started tromping in, heading straight for the pile of gold. The others hung back and waited. As the fighter was making all sorts of noise the ranger got a great surprise. The dragon had crawled along the ceiling, silently, and had perched right next to the ranger. The ranger didn’t move a muscle, he could only watch in horror as the dragon silently stalked the fighter. When the fighter got to the mountain he noticed that all of the gold was in the shape of bones and dead orcs. Upon further inspection the mountain was just remains covered in some gold colored substance. It was at this time the dragon was right behind the fighter ready to pounce. The barbarian threw a piece of equipment near the dragon causing it to turn and giving everyone a good look at it. The dragon was the size of a barn, with ebony black scales. It had no eyes, a wide mouth, and a smell of burnt hair and flesh. The fighter froze once he realized what was behind him.

The paladin finally wrote up his vow. He was going to slay this dragon. I told him that he would have to show no cowardice. So naturally he marched into the room, shield and sword at the ready, and challenged the dragon. I asked how he was going to do that. Turns out his vow came with a symbol of authority. He ended up with a glowing rune above his head as a sign from his deity. The dragon, despite being blind, turned away from this light. The paladin goaded the dragon and it came full on. The paladin braced himself as the dragon reared up and spewed golden colored acid all over the paladin and surrounding area. It was at this time the paladin said smugly that his other boon was immunity to acid. The party was awestruck as the paladin reappeared  from the torrent of acid completely unscathed. At this time the paladin charged in and I discovered that the paladin can’t roll under an 11 for any DEX check. He was a freaking ninja in full plate. He was darting and diving all over the place.

The druid of the group realized that he needed to go for the gooey bits and opted to start climbing this monster. Once he got to the neck he turned into a bear and went to town. The dragon whipped his head around to shake the druid off, but like a rabid koala he hung on tight. The ranger kept a volley of arrows going after the dragon, but was struck by the creatures breath weapon. He was out for a little bit as he desperately got the acid off his body.

The barbarian and fighter got knocked around a bit as they tried to approach the monster but its flailing about caused both of them to go flying into the walls and columns of the cavern. They decided to use their strength to try and drop a column on top of it. The fighter ended up botching a roll and threw his back out (became weak -1 STR). That didn’t stop him from continuing and moving this somewhat important structure. The column began to shift but sadly it was falling the wrong way.

The paladin kept the pressure on and forced the dragon to back into the path of the falling column. The druid found a weak point on the back of the dragon, thanks to the hawk of the ranger, and proceeded to go full grizzly on it. This caused him to ignore the armor for one attack but he went flying as the dragon shook him off. The column was coming down and the dragon was moving out of the way. That’s when the ranger called shot the ear of the dragon (technically head) to screw up its echo location. He succeeded in stunning it, giving the paladin a chance to escape and the column came crashing down, killing it dead. Sadly since all of the gold was dragon bile and dead orcs the group ended up with little to show for it other than a cool new hat for the barbarian. (Which seems to be a running theme in my DW games.)

Thanks for reading and thank you for the people who played. It was fantastic and I’m excited to run more stuff next year at Evercon 16.

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