by Delos

Serenity and Redcaps

Last Friday we continued the Firefly in Eberron 13th Age game I’m running. I was caught a little off guard since it was decided at the last minute that we’d be running my game and not a friends. So since we did episode 2 of Firefly last week, might as well do episode 3. I looked up the plot on a wiki real quick.

  • Group finds ship adrift, group is in need of supplies
  • Group boards ship, plenty of supplies, one survivor who is crazed
  • Survivor turns on the group of rescuers

Using this as bare bones I had the group end up finding an airship that is barely floating in the middle of the sky. The group tied their airship, Serenity, to the adrift craft and began looking around. We had some good ideas played out.

  • The necromancer used his binding magic to help shore up the engine that keeps them in the sky. It should hold as long as the necro doesn’t lose focus.
  • The ranger and barbarian start looking around for survivors. Barbarian rolled terribly and got separated from the group and was jumped by crazy person.
  • Cleric tried praying to the Sovereign Host for luck. Must have dialed the wrong number because his prayer turned the engine off for a few seconds. Everyone freaked out for a bit.

The group found our lone survivor and took him in (gagged and bound since he was dangerous). When they got to town the local guards heard the man making noise in the hold and proceeded to accuse the players of being slavers. They took the man into the tower where Serenity was parked and questioned the group. Soon screams were coming from the lower parts of the tower and it was discovered that the man had killed all the guards. The remaining guard got the group their gear and they went off to hunt this mad man.

Now stat wise I just grabbed a single monster that would make a good group fight. An online encounter generator suggested I use a Crimsoncap. These guys are interesting. Whenever a PC or player says a certain word (GM picks it out before the fight, I picked “Attack” and “Cap”) the crimsoncap will teleport and hide. This would happen immediately and would interrupt any action. This was a new idea I’ve never run across before. Player action, and not PC action, would trigger a move.

The players ended up triggering this move 3-4 times, sadly always on the barbarian’s turn it seemed, but not to worry. The necromancer, being fed up with this, tried to shoot the magic hat this crimsoncap was wearing. One nat’ 20 later the hat was gone as was the teleporting power. Now the barbarian finally got to connect. The one time he hit, the barbarian finished him off by dealing about 55% of the creatures max HP. It was glorious.

The party seemed to have fun, but they never did figure out what exactly was doing the teleport. I explained it to them and they actually seemed to think it was pretty clever and funny now that it’s obvious. I’ll have to send redcaps at them again just to see them try to do a whole battle without talking to the GM 😛

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