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Wheel of Time Monsters for Dungeon World: Shadowspawn

I thought I’d change it up a little bit this time and make some monsters instead of character classes. I haven’t had any experience running DW, so I have very little exposure to monsters in it. I realize that some of my monsters are a little bit mechanics-heavy, and I am willing to listen to any constructive criticism about these monsters.

The Dark One has some pretty interesting creatures to fight for it; let’s check a few out.


Trollocs are the Dark One’s horde beasts. They look like large men, but with all sorts of animal features. Some have beaks, others have wolf snouts, and yet others have ram’s horn. Sometimes, their feet resemble that of an animal’s as well.

They carry weapons, and are usually armored. They’re your basic large, brutish monsters in hordes.

Horde, Large

Slash or Slam (1d8 + 5 damage) close 7 HP 1 Armor


Also known as Halfmen, Eyeless, Shadowmen, Lurks, Fetches, Fades, and Neverborn (by the wolves). They look like pale men, but have no eyes and dress in black. They strike supernatural fear into people that they “look” at. They can also slip into shadows and have a misty reflection in mirrors. They’re also very good swordsmen (though not as good as swordmasters) whose swords inflict a mortal wound with a mere scratch, which should be quickly healed by an Aes Sedai. When they are finally killed, their bodies thrash about as if they didn’t realize they were dead.

Terrifying, Stealthy

Poisonous Sword: (d6 damage) and the character holds 1 poison close 6 HP 2 Armor

  • Poisoned: When a character is affected by their poison, they roll+CON. On a 10+ they reduce the poison they hold by one (cannot be reduced to 0). On a 7-9, the poison neither gets worse or better, but it does cause you to misstep somehow for a second. On a 6-, the poison they hold goes up by one.

When a character gets 3 poison, they fall unconscious and die within the hour.

The poison can be completely removed by Aes Sedai healing.

  • Fear Gaze: When a Myrddraal locks eyes with someone, they become paralyzed with fear. With enough willpower or some sort of distraction, they can be snapped out of it.
  • Shadow Travel: the Shadow Man disappears into one shadow and appears in another shadow anywhere in the world
  • Death Throes: when it drops to 0, it continues thrashing about for a minute, meaning someone could get hurt if they say near it

Grey Man

Also known as the Soulless, these are men who have given their soul to the Dark One, “blessing” them with the ability to avoid notice. People’s eyes are drawn away from the Grey Man, making it hard to notice in the first place, and also to keep your eyes on it even after you notice it. They are generally used as assassins, able to walk anywhere they please and kill their target without being seen.

stealthy, solitary, intelligent

Knife: (b[2d10] damage) close 8HP 0 Armor

While not noticed:

  • Assassinate: If the grey man has gone unnoticed when he delivers his attack, it ignores armor and deals an +1d12 damage
  • Hide in the Open: If the grey man has gone unnoticed and passes in front of someone or does something to draw attention to it (such as make a noise), then the characters get a chance to notice it. Roll+WIS. On a 10+, the character notices it and keeps their eyes on it. They can inform other characters, making it so they notice it too. On a 7-9, the character notices something, but somehow doesn’t notice the grey man. They can make attempts in following turns to attempt to notice. On a miss, the character completely forgets about whatever spooked them.

While noticed:

  • Hide: Everyone who has noticed the grey man Roll+WIS. On a hit, they keep their eye on it, but on a 7-9, they have a difficult time keeping up. -1 forward to attack rolls against the grey man. On a miss, they lose track of the grey man. They can make attempts at this roll to try and find him again.

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