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Apocalypse World Play by Post Update

Well it’s been a while since I wrote about what’s going on in Restop, the little town that is going to hell in a hand basket. We are now on our final session for this game. As a reminder the cast of PCs are:

  • Damson- our battle babe
  • Eden- our hocus
  • Sin- our brainer
  • Crille- our gun lugger
  • Lemeiux- our savvy head

These guys have been causing quite a stir. The major events leading up to this final session were:

  • Krystal- the son of the hard holder, Uncle, has been causing all sorts of trouble
    • Krystal got a girl, Tootsie, preggers and is trying to keep Tootsie hostage till the baby comes
      • Tootsie is a follower of Eden
    • Krystal ended pissing off most/all of the PCs and but some real bad luck he pulled a gun on the battle babe and gun lugger
      • It didn’t end well for him
        • He died
          • Violently
  • It was discovered that there is a bunker to the east of Restop
    • This bunker is apparently housing an small army of cyborgs from a bygone era
      • The cyborgs have locked on to Eden’s psyche since Eden had Lem build a Cerebro that would allow Eden to speak to the town
        • The cyborgs are coming to purge Restop
  • Uncle, the hard holder of Restop, is understandably pissed about Krystal dying
    • Uncle is blaming Eden, since Damson and Crille are known associates, and Eden is building up a lot of followers
      • It is discovered that Uncle is dying, terminal cancer or something like that, and he wants the town to die with him
        • Uncle got his hands on one of the cyborgs
          • Uncle is now “better”, with shiny new parts and lasers
            • Uncle and his crew are coming after Eden
  • Eden is now in control of over half the town
    • Eden started the session by rolling poorly and Eden’s followers are in want something fierce
  • Sin turned from a high profile companion to a psychic assassin over the course of the game
    • Seriously, she blew someones head up with a touch and a thought.
      • It was awesome
    • Oh and Sin and Eden totally did it.
      • Sin may be preggers
        • Or the psychic maelstrom is just messing with her
          • Not sure yet
  • Crille and Damson are still a bunch of scary people
    • They make the Expendables movie franchise look tame
      • We’re talking pillow fights and kitten whiskers tame here
        • They scare me
  • Lem is turning into a mad scientist
    • But in a good way.
      • He build Cerebro and a weather machine
        • Thunderbolts and Lightning
          • Very very frightening!

So after Eden rolled terribly for the start of session moves we learned that Uncle is marching on Eden’s temple. The cyborgs are also on their way but Uncle’s goons need to be dealt with first. Eden and Crille take care of a few spies that are in the temple. Damson has moved to the top of Cerebro (a radio tower) to get a better look at what’s coming (through the scope of his rifle). Crille has holed up and is ready to kick some ass. Sin is keeping her head down, which is probably the best.

We’re using all of the optional battle moves and the battle count down. If you’ve never used them in your AW game, next big battle you should give them a go cause Vincent Baker did a great job with them. Very easy to keep track of things and you don’t need to learn a bunch of new rules to run a large battle.

We’re neck deep in the fight now. Eden used Cerebro to summon anyone who is not fighting in town and have them turn on Uncle. They attacked, but Uncle’s men decimated them in the exchange.

Damson is sniping Uncle, and hit him solid, but Uncle retaliated with a plasma gun kamehameha. We don’t know what happened to Damson yet. Smoke is still clearing.

Crille is just laying down all sorts of death and took out a bunch of leaders. Morale is really low for Uncle’s men.

Sin is still sitting tight, which is probably smart cause when Eden poked her head up to read the sitch Eden got smoked for 5 harm. (Those size bonuses add up real quick) Eden is knocked out at the moment.

I’m hoping we’ll have this game wrapped up soon, since real life is going to get real busy. I’ll update one last time once we’re done.

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