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Apocalypse World PbP Finale

For those of you who have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I’ve been running an Apocalypse World (AW) Play by Post (PbP) game for the last couple of months. Well it finally finished! So to my players, thank you so much for sticking with it. You guys were a hoot.

If you want to get caught up on the story up until this point read this first.

So starting up where we left off:

  • Damson was pretty quick and got down from the tower fast. Uncle never came close.
    • Crille and the Temple finished off most of Uncle’s leaders and then finished off Uncle.
  • The town was hurting but they didn’t have much if any time. The cyborgs were on the way.
    • Eden wasn’t hurt as badly as it had seemed (healed up real quick) and started rallying the troops and searching the psychic maelstrom for answers. Eden found them in the form of the thing controlling the cyborgs and it is pissed.
    • Sin went into the maelstrom as well and discovered where the leader of the cyborgs are. She grabbed Ford (an NPC driver) and said her good byes and started driving.
    • Damson started rounding up whoever he could to cover the walls.
    • Crille took some people to flank the cyborgs outside of town.
    • Lem got the plasma canon that Uncle was using hooked up to his new “lightning van”
      • Eden was happy to ride shot gun with that.
      • These two parked outside of town.
  • The cyborgs started attacking the lightning van as Lem tried his darnedest to not die.
    • Lem fired up his weather machine to cause interference with the cyborgs. Gave everyone +1 forward.
    • Damson and Crille stayed down and let the cyborgs get nice and close.
    • Eden fired off the Lightning Canon, which shut down the weather machine.
      • The cyborgs didn’t care for this too much.
        • They blew up the lightning van
          • Into small pieces.
            • Eden and Lem didn’t care for that too much, and jumped out at the last second.
              • Both of them were taken to 12 harm (or 0 HP for you D&D players)
                • They were bleeding out and no one could heal them
    • Crille’s troops hopped out of hiding and opened up all sorts of hell.
      • They took some solid hits but they quickly overwhelmed the cyborgs.
      • The town was safe as the cyborgs lay dead.
      • Crille went to check out the cyborgs along with the troops.
        • There was some weird beeping.
          • There was an “Oh fu..” moment
            • Then the cyborgs Michael Bayed all over the place (lots of exploding)
              • Turns out Crille is really fast and was able to dive into a ditch. His troops…not so much.
  • While this was going on Sin made it to the bunker.
    • She left Ford outside and went in.
      • While in she was confronted by a booming computer voice warning her to turn back.
        • She pressed on
      • Deeper in she met a small girl who wanted her mommy
        • Sin tried to psychically force the girl to sleep.
          • Nothing happened
        • Ford showed up
          • He couldn’t see the girl
            • The girl disappeared
      • Sin and Ford went deeper and met a sharp dressed man named Adam
        • Adam is the controller of the cyborgs
          • He offered them a seat
            • Ford sat
              • Sin did not
          • Sin confronted Adam and Adam offered for Sin to join them
            • Sin turned him down
            • Then she opened her brain into the maelstrom
          • Turns out, Adam is a brain in a jar that can project illusions
            • The room they were in was a cyborg making operating room
              • Ford was an illusion
            • Sin reached into the jar to force Adam to stop.
              • It didn’t
                • Sin shot him
                  • Brains don’t work well with holes in them
                    • The bunker shut down
    • Sin escaped and headed back into town with the real Ford
  • In the end Lem passed away. He left something for Crille, but we won’t find out till the next time we play in the city of Restop.
  • Eden was erased from the maelstrom when he died. Only Sin remembers that he existed since she was out of the maelstrom during these events.
  • Eventually Damson took in Tootsie (an NPC that started a lot of problems) and they had a bunch of kids.
  • Sin stayed with Ford and they had some kids.
  • Crille ended up being the leader of Restop after a couple of incompetent people tried to take over. Sin and Damson backed him so no one really bothers to fight over that point.

And that is the finale of Restop and the Sons of Man.

Thanks for reading.

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