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B.A.M.s of Dungeon World

Bring it on!

So a while back I wrote an article about how to kill Big Ass Monsters (BAMs) in Dungeon World (DW). So now here are some BAMs you can throw in your game. First off, a new tag.

[BAM] – This is a Big Ass Monster. Normal weapons and attacks (swords, bows, spells, etc) won’t work on something this big. Yes you can take a piece off here or there but in the end you aren’t going to hurt it with your little great sword.

Now for the BAMs them self. Here are the base stats for a BAM.

Generic BAM

Solitary, BAM, Terrifying
Main Attack (b[2d12+7] damage)[forceful] 24 HP BAM armor
Reach, Near, Far

All BAMs are less so monsters and more so forces of nature. Imagine trying to fight a hurricane or a erupting volcano. It’s not going to end well to just take it head on. These are some scary numbers, but remember that the party isn’t suppose to stand up and fight this thing like it would a orc army or a dragon. No this is a whole new category of monster. Here are a few moves for your BAM. This is not the save all, end all list of moves but each BAM should be capable of doing these.

  • Violently change the landscape
  • Destroy a city, landmark, etc
  • Shake the earth with each step

Something to remember when running a BAM, it probably doesn’t even notice the PCs. Yes the PCs are important but let’s face it, if you were being attacked by an action figure with a tooth pick while you were trying to destroy a city, would you notice? Probably not. At least not until the action figure pokes something really important and tender. Once that happens then by all means you should target the area the PC that hurt it is/was. Since the numbers are so high it’s likely that the BAM can and will one shot a few of the PCs. This is why you need to spell out very carefully what this creature is capable of.

If you are planning on using BAMs in your game there are a few ways I’d like to suggest to use them. The first would be the village or town being woke up by an earthquake. Soon the town realizes that it isn’t an earthquake but the footfalls of a BAM. The party doesn’t have a real chance at taking this BAM down. This is more so a “Get everyone to safety” action sequence. The BAM itself is simply passing through and probably didn’t even know the town was there.

The next scenario would the BAM fighting another BAM in the wilderness. Think of the scene from the Hobbit movie when the company of Thorin are traversing the mountains and the stone giants (titans?) are fighting. Once again, the party could try fighting but most likely they are just going to try to survive the encounter and want to get the hell out of there.

For the above two scenarios don’t use the BAMs damage. That’s for when the BAM is actively trying to kill something. If pieces of the BAM are falling off or the party is being shook up from the shockwaves from the BAMs attacks then use something smaller like 1d10 for incidental damage. That won’t kill the party out right but will still get the point across that BAMs are not to be taken lightly.

The final scenario is then the party is ready to try to kill one of these things. They should have some time to prepare and study the BAM and hopefully come up with some sort of a plan. Of course convincing the BAM to walk where the party wants it to is another thing entirely. Odds are the PCs would have to set up the attack where they know the BAM is heading.

Ok that’s it for now. I need to rest my head, my brain hurts. Thanks for reading.


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