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Callout to the Readers: Fixing the Great Captain

Back in early January, I posted about The Great Captain class for Dungeon World. It had a move that allowed him to have a group of men that followed him, but these men were purely narrative-based. There were no stats for them at all. And while this is a very simple way to allow a character to have an entourage, it isn’t very satisfying in battle. In a quick playtest, it became very evident very quickly that these men were largely pointless in battle.

The person playing the Great Captain had taken the option of having a small, elite team, rather than just the normal or large teams, but he felt that it had no meaning. There was no obvious way to apply the team to battle, despite these people supposedly being soldiers.

I have an idea on how to possibly implement this group, and I’m thinking about writing simple narrative guidelines to keep them crunch-free if possible, too. My buddy and I are looking into possibilities, but I want to hear ideas from you guys. What do you recommend. We want these classes to be as good as possible, so we’ll take into account anything you have to say. Thank you!


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