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Wheel of Time Classes for Dungeon World: The Warder

We’ve got another class for the Dungeon World system based on Wheel of Time characters: The Warder. Warders are essentially bodyguards for Aes Sedai, the main magic-users of this world. They are bonded to their Aes Sedai, which means they’re able to sense each other’s emotions (which can reflect back on them and cause them to lean toward that mood) and are able to detect the location of the person, no matter where they are. The further away, though, the more general this location detection is. If the person you’re bonded to is halfway across the continent, you get a broad sense of direction and a broad sense of how far away they are. But, if they’re only a block away, you could point straight at them without seeing them and know almost exactly how far away they are.

Warders are excellent swordsman, and are given special cloaks that change their color to match the background, making them difficult to spot. They are always ready to jump to action, always alert.

Some Difficult Decisions

The default level 1 Warder isn’t actually bonded to an Aes Sedai yet. He’s considered “fully trained”, since Warders go through a very rigorous training regimen, but they have not been assigned to an Aes Sedai. The only exception to this is if the Aes Sedai they’re bonded to is one of the other PCs, but the Warder still won’t have access to the Bond benefits until at least level 2, since the Aes Sedai bond move is available to be gained after levelling up.

There are two reasons for this. First off, we wanted the Warder to have all of the other first-level things that they have, leaving no room for being bonded. Also, we wanted to allow the character like Gawyn, who was trained, but circumstances made it so that he ended up without an Aes Sedai, at least for a long while.

All right, then. Let’s get a look at the class, shall we?

The Warder

Some Stats

Damage Die: d8
Load: 10+STR
Max HP: 10+Constitution


Good: Endanger yourself to keep an ally unharmed
Neutral: Travel to a new land
Lawful: Choose honor over personal gain


I have sworn to guide and protect ___, because of what they have done.
I believe ___ will become a great leader some day.
___ was once my enemy, but we’ve since reconciled.
___ obviously doesn’t trust me, and this needs to change.

Builds(Replaces Race)

Sword Savant: When you roll for dance of blades, on a 12+, hold 5 maneuvers
Aegis: When you take damage meant for someone else, you get +1 armor
Unstoppable: It takes only two days of recovery for you to remove a debility, or one if you are tended by a healer.

Starting Moves

Dance of Blades
When you enter a fight against multiple foe, roll+DEX. On a 10+, hold 3 maneuvers. On a 7-9, hold 2. Spend a hold to perform a maneuver that achieves one of the following results:

  • You create an advantage and you or an ally can take +1 forward for exploiting it.
  • You disengage from melee with one foe.
  • You immediately cross the distance between you and one foe it is possible for you to reach.
  • You throw off the effects of being stunned, confused, or enchanted.
  • You pull a foe to disengage from melee with an ally and engage you.

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
When you prepare yourself to endure some hardship without fighting back, roll+CON. On a hit, you can either take half damage or you can completely ignore one other ill effect. On a 10+, you can also defeat, expose, or frustrate your oppressor with your stubbornness.

When you are engaged in close combat with an enemy and they make an offensive move against someone else, you may intercept it. Their move affects you instead of its intended target.


Warder’s Cloak (1 weight, +2 to staying hidden from sight)
Longsword (close, +1 damage, 2 weight)
Choose One:
Scale Mail Armor (2 armor, clumsy, 3 weight)
Healing Potion
Shield (+1 armor, 2 weight)

Levelling Up

Again, I’ll just be listing the moves (and which specialty in Class Warfare that they come from), not providing the full text for them.
Bonded (Custom)
Terrifying Presence (Custom)
On the Move (Blade Dancer)
Wall of Knives (Blade Dancer)
The Well-Balanced Blade (Blade Dancer)
Bodyguard (Defender)
Martyr’s Shield (Defender)
Protection (Defender)
Bloody Aegis (Impervious)
Iron Will (Impervious)
Staunch Defender (Impervious)
Following (Shadow)


Let me know what you think of this class. Does it seem to work well for the theme? Is there something I missed?

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