by Delos

13th Age Soundtrack

(Above is the 13th Age Main Theme. You can listen to it for free on 13th Ages Soundtrack page so I figure it’s ok to have it hear as well. Give it a listen as you read.)

Today I picked up the 13th Age Soundtrack. I’ve been listening to it while at work and I have to say I think I got my money’s worth. You can pick it up for $16 and it comes with 30ish tracks. Each track is 2-3 minutes long. All of the music is original. Most of it is instrumental but there are some vocals, though they blend in with the music so well you won’t hardly notice they are there. I’ve tried using music with strong vocals during my RPGs before and they are too distracting, but this soundtrack will definitely work. A bunch of the tracks have a normal and a looped version. They sound the exact same except the looped version has no pause in the music when it loops.

The tracks themselves vary widely. They have tracks for all of the Icons (sans the Prince of Shadows, cause you’ll never hear her coming). There are also a bunch of music for locations and events like chase scenes. My favorite tracks though are the escalation die tracks. You have 7 tracks (for when the escalation die is 0-7) that give a great tension that builds as the die goes up. New round, new track. The music builds off of its predecessor in a delightful way.

If you are on the fence about this, then I’m telling you to buy it cause you won’t be disappointed.

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