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Battlestar Galactica Board Game Play Report

Last game night we busted out the Battlestar Galactica Board Game (BGBG). The game is based on the TV series of the same name, though you don’t need to watch it to understand how to play. In this game all the players are divided into two teams. The catch is that you know what team your on and that’s it. About half the players are your enemy and you don’t know who they are. That makes the game really fun because about half way through suddenly accusations are flying around and people are desperately trying to convince everyone that they are a human and not a robot disguised as a human.

We played a 5 player game, which I’m told is the best number to play with, so we had 3 humans and 2 cylons (killer robots). We picked characters and handed out the loyalty cards to find out what side we would be on. I ended up as the President, a title that grants you the ability to do special actions and make decisions that no one else gets to. Oh and I was a cylon! Through out the game bad things happen at the end of every players turn, and the group as a whole has to deal with it. Cylons can through a wrench into things if they want to make sure the humans fail, but you have to be subtle about it. If you throw in 5 cards and 5 cards come up bad, well the group will know that someone is actively messing stuff up. Forgot to mention that cards are put in a pile then shuffled before revealed so no one knows who put in what, other than number of cards put in. Mostly when I was messing stuff up I would say I didn’t have much of anything to put in, though in reality I was sitting on some of the biggest cards in the deck. I slipped up once early on and tried to play very aggressive and I was called out. Crap. So I spent the rest of the game making sure to consult with everyone to avoid going to the brig (which other players can put you in). It worked because by the halfway point the other cylon player ended up goofing up and revealed himself (he has a terrible poker face). So now I know who my partner is, but I’m still a mystery.

My turn comes around. I ask the group what I should do. They say, throw the cylon into the brig. As the president I was sitting on a “Throw someone in the brig” card. Didn’t need anyone’s help with it. I look around and realize two things.

  1. If the Admiral (another title that one player holds) goes to the brig then the title goes to the other cylon.
  2. The other cylon goes right after me.

So I revealed myself. I threw the Admiral in the brig (the look on her face was priceless) and on the other cylon’s turn we threw another person in the brig. Long story short, all humans were in jail and the cylon army boarded the ship and took it over. Victory over the meat sacks!

The game is really fun to play but it takes about 3 hours to do a game, so you really need to plan ahead on this one. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes bluffing games, but maybe wants something more than just bluffing.

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