by Delos

Blades in the Dark: Round Two

So I tried running Blades again this past week. I got to try it with the couple of changes to the quick start rules. Nothing big changed, just a little stream lining. This time ’round we ended up with myself playing a character as well as GMing, and two other players. We end up trying to assassinate Bazso Baz, the leader of the Lampblack gang. Hilarity ensued.

This time ’round I had a much better grasp of the devil’s bargain, so I was able to offer bonus dice for complications. Best one we had for the night was when we left evidence that we had been there by forcing Bazso to sign a contract giving us all of his legitimate property…then leaving a carbon copy with our names and addresses. We had a more light-hearted game than usual to say the least.

Consequences went better as well. Now that we remembered that you can choose to take the consequence or take stress, things tended to stick more. It was interesting to see how the group argued about going about things, since each play book gains XP for different things. Our ninja needed to get in and out undetected, while our killer needed mayhem. It lead to some interesting dynamics within the group.

The changes to mechanics was welcome. Made things faster since the number of stats you pick from went from 6 to 4. Much cleaner. I’ll be trying this out again hopefully in the near future for sure.

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