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Lady Blackbird Play Report

Last weekend I got the chance to run John Harper’s Lady Blackbird. It’s a really simple system that sets you up with premade characters and a story. You start in media res (my favorite) in the brig of an Imperial ship, trying to break out and get the Lady Blackbird to her one time lover the Pirate King. Our group consisted of:

  • Captain Mal Renoylds Vance- Captain of Serenity the Owl
  • 1st Mate Kit- Petty sorcerer and person in charge of fixing stuff
  • Naomi- Body Guard to Lady Blackbird

The events that transpired were as follows

  • Crew was locked in the brig of the Hand of Sorrow
    • Naomi breaks locks
      • Made lots of noise
        • Guards burst in
          • Poor bastards didn’t see it coming as Naomi wrecks their face
    • Kit starts to break some of the pipes in the brig in hopes of mucking up something important down the line
      • Oh he breaks them
        • Steam starts to build up further down the line
          • Something exploded
            • Probably wasn’t super important
  • Crew heads deeper into the Hand of Sorrow
    • Ends up getting trapped down dead end corridor
      • Why do they even have dead end corridors?
        • No idea
          • Marines begin to fill hall with bullets
            • Captain has a “The hell with this moment” and jumps out and starts shooting
              • Lady Blackbird is impressed
                • I’m no longer allowed to hit on the Captain because I do it too well and the player got flustered
                  • Prude
  • Crew finds engineering
    • Captain places a single shot that causes a huge ruckus
      • People scramble
        • Apparently you need the engines to stay aloft
          • Hand of Sorrow starts falling towards the depths
  • Crew finds the Owl
    • Kit tries to undo the locks on the hanger
      • Owl is ejected out of Hand to prevent escape
        • Captain starts to panic
          • Remembers he can teleport
            • BAMFS onto Owl and gets the engine started up just before hitting the depths
              • Picks up crew and heads out
                • Imperials siphoned their gas
  • Crew meets up with Fingers
    • Nice guy, loaded with money
      • Has a terrible Russian accent
        • Crew asks for fuel
          • Fingers says sure as soon as they pay back the money they owe
            • Now crew has no money for fuel
              • Naomi breaks Finger’s fingers
                • Crew now has fuel
  • Crew heads to Haven to find where Pirate King is located
    • Ask around
      • Meet up with a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy
        • Crew meets a contact
          • Naomi breaks his fingers
            • He probably had it coming
              • Fight ensues
                • Crew kicks booty
                  • Runs like hell back to ship

Sadly we had to call it a night as I was tired and had to get up early the next day. The system was a blast to play since it was so simple. If you are looking for a new one shot take a look at John Harper’s other games. Thanks for reading.

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