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Welcome to the Jungle: An Apocalypse World Quick Start

So this time around we’re back in Apocalypse World, but I’m going to set up the setting a little more than the last few. This time around the story will take place in the Jungle of York. Picture New York but overrun with jungle. Not just a few trees here or there, but massive trees and a jungle canopy taking over the city. The picture on the right is one of the pieces of art I’ve seen to help inspire me for this venture. So once again we’ll start with questions to help people pick play books (core books will just be listed, limited edition books will have LE after it, and 3rd party books will have links to them), then we’ll have some love letters to the players, offering them moves if they do something stupid adventurous, following that we’ll have some sights and sounds that the players might see, and we’ll finish it off with some jungle critters the players will have to deal with.

Who are you?

  • Who here is worshiped by the hard hold?
    • Are you worshiped because people are attracted to your force of personality (Hocus), terrified that you are a god made man (Faceless LE), in awe of your size and power (Behemoth)?
  • Who here is a non believer and is hunted by the god’s followers?
    • Are you smart enough to not be taken in by this false god (Coot), angry at this god for what they’ve done to your loved one (Gun lugger), nobodies servant (Battle babe)?
  • Who here was an outsider, but now has become somewhat accepted?
    • Are you from another tribe (Tribal), an exotic foreigner  (Skinner), or a person out of time (Quarantine LE)?
  • Who here wants to sacrifice the outsider to the creatures in the tunnels?
    • Are you appeasing your dark masters (Turncoat), secretly their leader (Chopper), one of them (Feral kid)?

You do what now?

Each of these are intended to be used once, but a few (vine swinging) could be done multiple times. Just be sure it’s no more than once a scene or just turn it into a basic move that everyone can do whenever. Do what you want. It’s not my game. I’m just a blog, I can’t tell you what to do.

  • When you explore the tunnels and lower depths of York, roll +sharp.
    • On a 10+, you find something useful that you could use, describe it.
    • On a 7-9, the GM will tell you of something useful you found.
    • On a miss, they are coming…
  • When you let out a mighty bellow that resonates through the jungle, roll +hard.
    • On a 10+, everyone knows where you are but they are not going to mess with you. For this scene no NPC will take hostile actions against you and PC will have to act under fire to go against you.
    • On a 7-9, as a 10+ but it only works on 1 person of your choice. Everyone else may act normally.
  • When you use the vines and trees to swing and slide to where you want to go, name your destination and roll +cool.
    • On a 10+, BAM, you’re there in very little time and bypassing any hazards.
    • On a 7-9, choose 1.
      • You draw unwanted attention
      • You take 1 harm (ap) as you swing through a hazard
  • When you dance around the fires to appease the maelstrom, roll +weird. On a hit you receive a vision.
    • On a 10+, state what you see. It may not include the death of a PC. The MC will make sure it happens.
    • On a 7-9, the same as a 10+ but the MC will twist what you say so it technically happens, but in the worst possible way.

The hell was that?

  • Birds fly away suddenly
  • Drums…
  • Hunting party returns
  • Shadows moving
  • Silence
  • Raging river/waterfall
  • Setting/Rising sun through the canopy
  • Building crashing down through trees
  • Remains of a kill, most gooey bits gone/missing

What the hell is THAT?!

  • Silverbacks
    • Huge, two-legged, hide-covered creature, with ape-like heads. It is shaggy grey. (3 armor, 3 damage, dull, foul-smelling).
  • Mother frakking snakes
    • Group of man-sized, multi-legged, hide-covered creature, with snake-like heads. It is striped, ragged black. (1 armor, 1 damage, lumbering, noisy)
  • Scavengers
    • Swarm of tiny, multi-legged, hide-covered creature, with bee-like heads. It is sleek black. (0 armor, 0 damage, quick, hungry)

Bonus Soundtrack!

Head over to and click the nature tab for some great tracks to play in the back ground.

Thanks everyone for reading. If you have a game you’d like to see a quick start for let me know. If I know the game I can whip one up real quick, if not and you give me a copy I’ll read through and get one up as soon as possible.

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