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Just Heroes: Play Report

So in anticipation of seeing Age of Ultron this weekend, my group played a super hero RPG that is a hack of Apocalypse World called Just Heroes. You can find the hack here. It’s only 18 pages so if you’re looking for something quick and easy this is it. You’ll need to know the basics of AW and be able to fill in a few blanks Just Heroes has, but it’s not bad.

The Setting

We played in the Marvel Cinematic Universe a while after The Winter Soldier, where Capt. America failed to stop Hydra from using the Helicarriers to decimate the population and take control of the country and eventually most of the world. All of the Avengers were dead or presumed dead and our group of heroes had somehow avoided the culling and were now resistance fighters in Boston.

The Cast

  • Everyman
    • Flux Playbook
      • Had the ability to turn into any living thing after seeing it
        • Problem was he would do it so well that his mind would shift as well and he would have to wrest control from this new ego he created in his body
  • Mystery Woman
    • Mystery Playbook
      • Telepathy and Telekinetic powers
        • Suffering from amnesia
  • Volt
    • Pulse Playbook
      • pew pew pew lightning bolts
  • Light Phase
    • Blink Playbook
      • Alien able to transform himself and up to one other person into light and move pretty damn fast
        • Unable to exert force once in “light mode”

The Story

  • Our group of heroes receive reports that the Zola algorithm has been found by Hydra and is currently being stored somewhere in Boston
    • Our heroes decide to find one of the Hydra higher ups so Everyman can copy him and then sneak in.
      • They try to sneak into Baron Van Howser’s penthouse
      • Light Phase and Everman phase in
      • Everyman takes out a guard and puts him in the closet while copying him
        • More guards show up
          • Light Phase gets in the closet as well
            • Snickering ensued
        • Soon enough a botched roll happens and knocked out goon falls out of closet
          • Awkward
        • Guns are drawn and a fire fight occurs
      • Light Phase goes to get Volt and MW
      • Volt takes everyone out right quick but also mucks up her team mates
      • The Baron hides in his panic room
        • MW uses a little nudge in a goons brain to get the goon to open the door
    • Fast forward a day, the group finds out that the Zola algorithm is being held at the docks.
      • We were running low on time so I fast forwarded a bit
        • Everyman got in but they already had Zola loaded into an armored truck
          • Bad rolls ensued and the truck took off
      • A fun car chase came about
      • Turns out Zola got an upgrade from some of Tony Stark’s old suits
        • Called himself Zoltron
          • Lots of violence happened
            • Zoltron was defeated when it was discovered that the brain of Stark was housed within Zoltron and was being used to generate ideas on super human counters and MW went ahead and shut that down, thereby rendering Zoltron crippled

How’d it go?

Overall we had fun, and that means we did it right. This hack is much more for the brightly colored tights than a gritty, dark, people with super powers game. Fights have to happen around civilians to really let the heroes shine. Also I failed at giving Mystery Woman a lot of opportunities to shine. Three of the heroes were very physical while MW was not. She did get to do some cool things but most of the time she was stuck in the side lines. Sorry Kaylin.

Thanks for reading folks!


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