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Smoke on the Water: An Apocalypse World Quick Start

First off sorry for the radio silence. Due to life kicking my butt and having no inspiration of what to write I’ve been scrapping the bottom of the barrel, but good news everyone. I’m back and here is another quick start for you. This time around we’re going to take a page out of Kevin Costner’s book and do an Apocalypse World game on a watery world. The hardhold is going to be a huge cargo ship that runs on what’s left of the go juice. So with that let’s get this started.

Who here is…

  • the captain?
    • Are you the captain because you keep a sea monster under your control (Beast Master), it’s your damn ship (Hardholder), or did you kill the last captain in a trial by combat (Gun Lugger)?
  • the mutinous first mate?
    • Are you getting your guys together to take out the captain and his crew (Chopper), just tired of listening to the captain (Battle Babe), or are you going to screw with people’s heads until you are in charge (Brainer)?
  • in love with the captain?
    • Are you keeping the captain and crew healthy (Angel), keeping the ship running (Savvyhead), or are you the person the captain goes to for advice (Scholar)?
  • sleeping with the captain?
    • Are you the hottest piece on the ship (Skinner), the one in everyone’s ear (Radio), or are you part of the ship (Synthetic)?

Sights and Sounds

  • Waves lapping against the hull
  • Screams of “Overboard!”
  • Rust and metal falling into the ocean
  • Smoke
  • Jet skis on the horizon
  • Cloudless day with the sun beating down on everyone
  • Dark Clouds on the horizon
  • LAND HO!

What are you standing on?

Go around the table and allow everyone to answer one question. What ever they say is now fact.

  • What does this ship run on?
  • What was the last major piece of the ship that fell off?
  • When was the last time the ship saw land?
  • What do most people use for barter on the ship?

This one is going to be short due to work calling me away. If you need any inspiration for some awesomeness, just go watch Water World. Or not. I’m a blog not a cop.

Thanks for reading.


  1. By Olav Borge Bondal


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