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Arcane Fallout World-Building: Dwarves and Elves

It’s been awhile since the last time we presented anything on Arcane Fallout. Mostly, that’s because Delos and I have largely dropped the project in favor of others, but I mean to keep working on it. I really like the idea, and I’d really like to finish a full setting compendium for once.

In this article, I’m going to be presenting a large overview of the world, using Fate’s world-building blocks to give you an idea about the tensions out there.

There will be discrepancies between what is written from here on and what came before. Delos and I had been working together on some things, but he largely jumped ahead on his own when it came to writing the histories that were written earlier. Since the project is solely mine now, I am taking the liberty to make it my own. I’ve come up with some new ideas, and they will be overriding what Delos has written up until now. I will try to stay to the spirit of the histories he wrote, but many details will be changed.

I also hope to get my map scanned and photoshopped some time soon to show you guys. For now, just know that the area is a large valley shaped like a bowl surrounded on all sides by mountains. Just to the south is a sea, and to the east is a desert.


Current Issue: The “arcane” radiation is still changing the world. The Valley Is Ever-Changing

The Yaokil Empire (yow-KEEL)

The empire of the dwarves has spread to cover almost every mountainous region on the continent, except for most of this valley. The emperor – rightly known as the Prakto – wants the surrounding mountains of the valley – what they call the Gate to Hell – in order to have a direct connection to desert to the east, where they have allies dealing in special minerals found only in that desert. They also want the mountains on the southeastern portion of the valley, known as the Crystal Peaks, for their large amounts of crystals and precious gems.

The empire has struggled to get a foothold of the valley due to the other races fighting back. The other races have grown strong and dangerous since the Great Crash, while the dwarves have been shielded from the radiation and are naturally resistant to it. The Prakto feverishly wants to take the valley for himself and the empire and is increasingly willing to wipe out all inhabitants of the valley to get what he wants.

Impending Issue

The Yaokil Empire is threatening to wipe out the entire valley. The Empire Plots To Exterminate Those Of The Valley


Prakto Eulgata (Prahk-TOE ool-GAH-ta): The Prakto, or Emperor, of the Yaokil Empire. He desires to rule the entire continent, starting with all the mountains. I Wish To Own The World

Gotan Stilhiid (GO-tan STEEL-hide): The Kiipeuten of this division of the empire. He rules over the dwarves of the valley. The Prakto has grown increasingly frustrated with Gotan’s lack of progress, which has led Gotan to grow increasingly reckless and dangerous. I Must Fulfill The Prakto’s Wishes.


The Dynasty Pass: The most open path into the valley from the outside. It is located in the northwest corner, under the Yaokil Empire’s control. Gate To The Great Valley

Fang Forest: The only actual area within the valley that the dwarves “control”, due to the dangerous creatures within. Spell-Warped Forest Of Monsters At The Edge Of The Main Road

The Rhilaonai (rih-LA-oh-nigh)

The elves – or Rhilaonai, meaning “caretakers” – live among the forest, rivers, and lakes of the southwestern area of the valley, hemmed in by a branch of mountains and the large lake, Li Wallao (LEE wah-LA-oh) (or Lake Ingrid, as the humans call it). Their greatest river, Ra Otome, leads out of the valley and into the sea to the south, but they never venture that far south anymore. They are greatly feared outside the valley.

You see, the elves were the most devastated by the fallout of the Great Crash. They grew sick and were dying quickly. A great elf, Daeron (DARE-ohn), the first Ancient, sacrificed himself to let the elves continue on. But, to survive, the elves needed to change. They became even more akin to nature, taking on aspects of animals, plants or minerals. For this reason, outsiders fear them.

But there is another downside; the changes are not purely physical, but also mental. The more the elves draw upon their new side, the more they change. And the sacrifice of Daeron only helped those that were already alive. It was not enough to help the generations to come, so they are looking for another who is willing and able to make the same sacrifice as Daeron. So far, none have come forth.

The elves’ lives are still shorter than they used to be. If they never tap into their new natures, they live to be between 100 and 150 years old. Every time they tap into their powers, though, they not only change, but they tap into a life energy that allows them to live ever longer, potentially to several millennia.

The humans have noticed that the elves have become more reclusive and have not been able to sire a new generation that can survive the valley, so they name the elves The Dwindlings.

Impending Issue

The Elves will need a new Giver of Life tree for their next generation to survive. The Rhilaonai Are Slowly Dying


Elrohim Galathnial (EL-ro-heem gah-LATH-nee-ahl): An elf living in Kathani (see below), trying to seek a new solution to bring the Rhilaonai back, as close to their former selves as possible. He believes the sacrifice of Daeron was meant to be a temporary solution to let them live long enough to find a better one. He searches the city’s ruined libraries and studies the magic of the dwarves and the new magic of the humans, searching for that solution. “I Seek The Restoration Of What We Once Had”

Kirokian Magalathnar (kee-RO-kee-ahn mah-gah-LATH-nar): The opposite of Elrohim; he believes that the changes they have gone through are what are needed for this new age, that it allows them to commune more closely with nature. He has roused a group of followers to learn to use their new power and to take back their lands to the east from the humans of the Korocan (cor-oh-CAN) Nation who destroyed much of those forests for their cities and homes. We Will Bring About A New Age of Nature


Tree of Daeron: There is a tree in the forest, largest of all the trees there, that bears a resemblance to a man with antlers whose hands have grown to be the great boughs of the tree. This tree used to bear fruit that the Rhilaonai ate, and were saved from a quick death. Before that, the tree was an elf named Daeron, who sacrificed himself for the future of his people. A Sacred Ground And Sanctuary Of The Rhilaonai

Kathani (Kah-THAH-nee): The elven “capital” alongside the lake, Li Kathani. At least, it used to be like a capital to them. Now it is largely abandoned, since it is a reminder to the elves of their previous, civilized selves. Some – those fighting the changes to their nature – still live there, trying to grasp hold of their former selves. Ghost City Of The Rhilaonai, Shadow Of Their Past


Wow, that got long. I had planned to cover all four of the “nations” that have been mentioned in the previous history posts (and possibly the “gnomes”), but this got much longer than expected. You’ll have to wait until next time to get more. In the meantime, you can refresh your memory (or read for the first time) on the previously written histories. Again, there have been changes, but the gist is still there.


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