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Arcane Fallout World-Building: Humans and Greenskins

Last time, we looked at what the dwarves’ and elves’ places in the world of Arcane Fallout. If you haven’t read it yet, you should; otherwise, you may get confused by some small parts of this one. In this article, we’re look at humans and greenskins, who are actually very closely related. So without much further ado, let’s look at them.

The Greenskin Tribes

The greenskins were once humans. Most other humans called them barbarians due to their fierce and nomadic natures, but in some ways, they were more civilized than the civilized humans. They were not consumed by greed, for there was no money, and there was only ever just enough of what they did have to go around. Most of the time. When resources were low, tribes would fight each other for them, which let only the strongest survive, and killing quickly those who did not survive. The “civilized” people squabbled about everything, and thus left those who would not survive to die a slow, painful death.

The Crash did not change their natures much, just their bodies. The Crash happened within their lands, causing the radiation to affect them the most of any other beings in the valley. Bathed in it, the barbarians’ skin color turned green, and they were gifted with great power. Now they had control of a magic that they sought to use to rid the land of the civilized, who had slowly taken over theirs. Now they had blood magic.

Their raids were unsuccessful, though. The dwarves came to the aid of the humans against the greenskins, and so the greenskins were pushed back again, even further into their lands. The dwarves, though they no longer ally themselves with the humans, still patrol some of the borders, keeping the greenskins enclosed, unable to grow large enough to attempt raids again.

Impending Issue

The woods and plains the greenskins live in are getting more dangerous as the animals change as well. The Wilds Grow Ever More Dangerous


Chief Deeraj (deer-AHZH [like in “mirage”]: The chief and leader of the strongest tribe, and therefore all of the tribes, when a tribunal is held. He wishes to simply survive in the wild and move past the tribes’ grudges towards the humans and dwarves. To Each, Their Own – Let It Be

Chief Grakn (GRAH-kn): The chief of one of the smallest tribes, he believes that the other races are preparing to wipe them out, so he has gathered support, leading small raids to strike out against them. We Will Not Be Free Until “They” Are Destroyed


Shole: A place of perpetual burning, Shole was created during the Crash by a large piece that fell off the blazing sky ship on its way to the crash site, Death Crater. The piece left its own small crater in the side of a small hill. All the plants were burned up, but there must be some hidden fuel in the location, or else there’s some sort of link to the elemental plane of fire, since the flames never die and creatures of flame have been spotted within it. It is avoided by all the peoples, but some seek to learn how to close off the area’s access to whatever fuels the flames in hopes of dispelling the danger. A Looming Darkness Lurks In The Flames

Thundering Woods: At the northern border of the greenskin lands – and of the valley itself – are the Thundering Woods. A huge forest, largely left unexplored, for even before the Crash, there were loud, booming sounds within its northernmost depths, and all peoples fear to find out what those sounds are from. Those who did not fear to discover it have not come back from attempting to find out. Thunder In The Forest

The Korocan Nation (cor-oh-CAN)

After the alliance with and enslavement by the dwarves, the humans of the valley grew tough. They learned how to work together for their greater good and eventually shed the shackles of their enslavement. Since then, they have the southeastern area of the valley into a bastion of civilization. They’ve taken their scattered farms and villages and built themselves into a small, but strong nation, with great cities and leaps in understanding of the arcane powers.

Besides their determination, their advances in magic are what truly led them to such strength, and they did not gain those advances purely by chance. It was thanks to the Great Crash. Whoever had built the vessel that had crash landed in the valley must have had far superior knowledge of the arcane than any on this world. The humans were able to scrounge up artifacts from the crash and study them, and it was Ingrid Starfire who discovered the basic principles of their magic and learned to harness it into a power the humans could use to rebuild and break free.

Now the humans have a nation, and maintain their strength via a trade route to the nations outside the valley that they bored through the mountains so they would not need to go through the Dynasty Pass owned by the Yaokil. They are ruled by a benevolent council of thirteen, each a head of a council of one of the thirteen great cities. They have great schools, teaching magic, politics, trade, and even guild-led schools for any and every profession to be found in the nation.

Current Issue

For all their greatness, they have weaknesses, too. Corruption has slowly been growing in the government, causing some to doubt their wisdom. The Seeds Of Corruption Have Been Sown

Impending Issue

Much of the nation’s economy is based on the sale of the crystals that they pan from Crystal lake. Other nations’ demand has fallen, yet supply here has too, reducing profit made by them. How Will The Korocan Nation Maintain Their Economy?


Argill Erith (AR-gill AIR-ith): One of the members of the Arcane Consul leading the Arcane Academy in Central City. He has magical foresight, and he has predicted that some doom threatens the Academy, though he does not know what, so few believe him. A Prophet Who Has Lost His Followers

Wesalom Portier (WEH-sah-lom por-tee-AIR): A member of the ruling council for Capital City. As of late, he has been trying to push an agenda to push back the greenskins further in order to bring the three lakes under Korocani rule, allowing them to gain an additional source of crystals. Most of the council believes the idea to be foolish, but seems to be slowly coming to agree with him. We Must Not Come To Economic Ruin


Lake Ingrid: Known as Li Wallao (LEE wahl-OW) by the elves, most of the nation’s great cities are ports on this huge lake. It serves as a trade route, a supply of fish, and a border between Korocani and Rhilaonai, keeping plenty of distance between the two. The Great Lake Of Korocan

Blood Marshes: Though the Korocani claim it as part of their land, most avoid it. It is the land where the last battle of the war between the humans and dwarves took place. The battle lasted for days, with no end in sight. Only the swift actions of Ingrid Starfire kept it from wiping the existence of both races from the valley. But all the blood and the bodies eventually decomposed and filled the land with a bloodlust of its own, stronger than that of any who had fought the battle there. The wide open plain became a large swamp with ruddy water and plants with red-tipped leaves. Few who enter the Blood Marshes ever come out. Marshes With A Thirst For Blood


Well, that’s two more of the common races in the Arcane Fallout setting in the Great Valley. Next time, I’ll go over a more minor race and some monsters. After that, I’ll start giving you guys some actual play content, like templates for building characters for the setting in Fate.

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