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The Perilous Wilds

A while back I backed the Kickstarter for The Perilous Wilds. This is written by a swell guy named Jason who also wrote Funnel World. It showed a lot of promise and for a few dollars, seemed like a low risk high reward investment. Last night I got to use it for the first time.

Freaking awesome.

That’s the best way I can describe the experience we had using it. We put our Dungeon World game into Dark Sun (sorta, more on that in a different post). Perilous Wilds (PW) starts you out by putting an X on the map, naming it. Then building off from there. Within an hour and 15 minutes we had a fantastic world built. Lots of different places, great names, and the characters were invested in the world.

(My cartographer is cleaning up the map currently. As soon as Jacob has a master copy made I’ll put it here.)

The questions they asked to build the map helped create a varied world. I didn’t have to house rule any of it. I just followed along as written and ended up with a very satisfying experience.

I also got to use the new “Make Camp” and “Undertake a Perilous Journey” moves. They are a bit more complicated but they cover the situations better and give the DM more to work with when the dice decide to make things fun.

I wasn’t planning on making this game a sandbox, explore the map as you wish kind of game, but if it turns into that, this book has my back.

You can find the authors blog here.


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