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Slaves and Sorcery: Part One

In my review of The Perilous Wilds, I spoke of the game my group had just started. Here is the first play report from that game. Sorry it took so long, our group had some scheduling issues so it took us a bit to get going. First let’s…

Meet the cast!

Tai’Bon and Thugger- a dwarf hunter with his trusty pet Inix, Thugger; deadly with a bow, Tai’Bon made his living in the wilds of Athas, away from those who disdain his psychic powers.

Ignious- a strange human earth shaman who made a pact with a powerful earth spirit to keep each other alive during the defiling of Athas

Zera- a slave turned gladiator, this young elf uses her grace and speed to keep herself alive and her enemies pierced on her bone rapier

Thandril- a tiefling who has all sorts of nasty arcane magic at his disposal, was a slaver and may be looking to get back into the game

Kuvric- a mul who is part of the Rebel Guild (we call it that despite the fact that he insists it’s the rebel alliance), soft spoken and unhealthily violent

Our Story

Our cast of misfits woke up in the middle of the wastes. The only landmark was the giant obsidian obelisk known as Dragon’s Needle. No sane person goes near that thing and here we have a bunch of people from all walks of life finding themselves in the middle of nowhere next to this thing. They start taking stock of where they are at and what supplies they can find. As the wind picks up they realize that they are surrounded by corpses buried in the sand. The group begins to piece together bits and pieces of the previous days. Most of them can’t remember they last few days, but they all had nightmares of the Dragon of Tyr. The Needle gives them all an uneasy feeling and they decide to leave, except the bodies in the sand begin to animate and try to kill them. Thanks to Ignious’ magic they are able to retreat and the bodies begin to fall to pieces once they get far enough away from the Needle. Something the group noticed was that all the zombies had black/purple smoke coming from their mouths and eyes. The same kind of smoke that appears when strong defiling magic is present.

With no choice but to brave the wastes the group decides to head to Dragon Scale Keep in the Spine of the Dragon mountains. It’s a few days journey and the group uses the new perilous journey moves from The Perilous Wilds. They make a discovery. I rolled something to the affect of hive mind, so I said that the group runs across a cave but nearby there is a nest of thri-kreen bug men. Tai’bon and Thanduil go to speak with them. The thri-kreen allow them to stay in the cave overnight, but only if the heroes give up half of their supplies. They agree.

That night while in the cave the heroes discover that there is a grave in there. Turns out an angry spirit of a dead merchant resides in the cave. (This was rolled up randomly when we used the new “Make Camp” moves from Perilous Wilds.) The party survived thanks to the two magic users, since ghosts can’t be harmed with mundane weapons.

The next day the group traveled as a sandstorm was brewing from where they came. Along the way the group discovered that there had been a burn pile for the bodies of humans and animals a ways out of the Keep. Thinking it weird but having nothing to gain they moved on. They got to Dragon Scale Keep just as the sandstorm hit.

The doors were sealed but Kruvric knew of a secret passage that everyone who lived in Dragon Scale Keep (DSK) new about…yeah didn’t make much sense to me either. The door is sealed so they try kicking it in. Turns out there were guards on the other side of the door. The guards make it obvious that they can be bribed, but Thanduil and Kruvric decided that beating their way through any NPCs I present would be better than talking. Things escalated and the group ended up facing off against ten guards who had them surrounded. Ignious made them a dust storm to give them some cover. They made their escape deeper into the Keep.

The group sees lots of people being taken away in manacles by the Legion, the standing army of DSK. They only answer to the Emperor and his generals. They are the most feared army in the world due to their training and fearless nature. The city guards are more so regular folks. The Legion is a “No Survivors” kind of army so the fact that they are out and about rounding people up does not bode well.

Our group makes their way to Spinal Tap, the most famous tavern in the Spine of the Dragon Mountains. There Kruvric and Thanduil are reunited with their mutual friend and owner of Spinal Tap, the dwarf Cail. The group learns that there had been an uprising with the slaves and it had gone very poorly. After a close call with more guards looking for the group, our heroes decide to seek out the leaders of this rebellion to find out what they can do to help.

They find the three leaders, a couple of teenagers from wealthy families that decided their ideals were more important than things like training and numbers. The group learns that the rebellion had a decent plan. They fight a guerrilla war while a small band sneaks into the palace and kill the Emperor. Problem was the Legion were ready for them. Our heroes also learn that there is a basement in the palace that no one is allowed into at the command of the Emperor. So obviously that means there is something down there that the Emperor doesn’t want anyone to see. Our heroes head into the catacombs under the palace to find that it’s not as empty as they thought, but more on that next time…

Thanks for reading.

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