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You say peace but I think you mean the other thing- A Play Report

Last game night my group started a new campaign. Jacob is running a FATE Accelerated game where we are a group of resistance fighters taking on an evil Justice League of super heroes that are secretly running the world, but have everyone convinced that they are the saviors of Earth. The backstory starts up in WW2. Hitler was marching across Europe and Asia and it looked like nothing was going to stop him. Then shows up this super human that flies through the German’s army, grabs Hitler by the scruff, and drops him into the middle of Washington DC to stand trial. With that the Peacekeepers were born. The world discovered a modern day savior and soon enough more meta humans joined this superman. (Quick note, we haven’t named and made all of the A list meta humans yet so I’ll be keeping things generic until we get things figured out in game)

Over the course of a few decades the Peacekeepers have virtually eliminated war and in general the super villains that pop up are usually put down very quickly. It’s modern day and this is where my character came in. Prof Clarence Richards. He opened a school for meta human kids so he could help them understand their powers and keep themselves and other safe. Prof Richards has no meta human powers, but is a brilliant man who has a knack for analyzing meta humans and figuring out how their powers work. His school was very successful and after a few years he had his first graduates. These five meta humans started tackling problems locally, taking on super villains and bringing them to justice when they could, or stopping them when they couldn’t, but soon enough one by one the graduates began to disappear.

Prof Richards was approached by the Peacekeepers in hopes that he would tell them about up and coming students and give them access to his databases. He politely declined stating that while he appreciates what the Peacekeepers do, his students need to decide for themselves if they want to fight evil or just live a normal life. The Peacekeepers then beat the hell out of him and it was revealed that they were taking the school and putting the Prof last living graduate “End Game” in charge of it. End Game revealed to the Prof, much to the chagrin of the Peacekeepers, that the Peacekeepers actually own the villains that keep popping up. The villains are told where to strike by the heroes and then the heroes “beat” them and let them rest and relax for a bit before the next big thing. Meta humans that posed a threat to the Peacekeepers were just eliminated out right. Other meta humans were sometimes used as stooge villains. They would be given a costume and told that someone was robbing a bank, they’d go to the bank, then the Peacekeepers would come in and fight and kill the meta human, keeping the populace safe. One of the Peacekeepers owns a media empire and takes care of the press and media so no one knows the truth and the public is kept in the dark.

Prof Richards survived and escaped the Peacekeepers but his reputation was ruined by them. He then joined up with others that know the truth of the Peacekeepers. Two meta humans that were almost killed by the Peacekeepers, one who makes portals (Traveler) and another that can make objects work to their fullest potential (Fixer). Fixer’s brother, Quake, who use to work for the Peacekeeper’s army/goon squad defected and joined us as well. Normal human, good with computers and guns. The four of us joined a network of other resistance fighters. Together we call ourselves the Whistleblowers. Everyone hates us as terrorists, we have no money, and we’re wanted by every major government in the world. We have our work cut out for us.

Jacob started us in a building spying on a meeting between a few B list supers that work for the Peacekeepers. We were fed false info and lead into an ambush. A pyro by the name of Dragon got the jump on us. He had a few thugs with him as well. SWAT level soldiers. A fire fight broke out (pun) and after a few bullets were shared and one sprinkler system was activated, we used Traveler’s escape plan to get the hell out of there. The thugs were killed but Dragon got away. We contacted our NPC friend “Leak” who fed us info and told her to get out before Dragon leveled the building she works in.

We had to call it there for the night, but I’m looking forward to playing again. Thanks for reading.

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