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Masks: A Play by Post, Part 1

I get to try something different this time around. Instead of running the game I’m going to be playing in a Masks game via play by post. As of now we only just started session one, but let me tell you about our team of teenaged heroes. We have…

Thorod Thorson (that’s me, Legacy)

Durning school and when he’s out in public Thorod goes by Daniel Blake. He is the son of Thor and grandson of Odin. Yep, that Thor and Odin. Thorod’s family has been helping take care of Halcyon City since the Silver Age, when they came out of retirement from being gods to vikings. Thorod wields the sword Fenrir and is trying to uphold his families legacy of protecting the people of Halcyon City.

Ghost (Bull)

Ghost is an experiment gone horribly right. He’s darn near indestructible, strong as hell, can figure out the outcome of most fights before they start, and he has no idea who he is. Ghost’s memories start inside an insidious science lab that he escaped as soon as he could. He’s been on the streets for a few months before he fell in with the rest of us.

Brain Bleach (Doomed)

Douglas here is one hell of a powerful psychic. He can move objects and mess with people’s heads. His mom had one gift, his father the other, but Douglas’s powers are vastly more powerful than either parent. That’s mostly due to the tumor growing in his brain that’s supercharging his power. His days are numbered but he’s going to make sure he’s never forgotten.

Random (Outsider)

Hailing from a planet that most of us can’t pronounce and having a full title and name that takes about 3 minutes to get through, Random was sent to Earth to expand her education and became more well rounded person. At least that’s what her mother, the queen of their people, told her. Random is living with Thorod’s family at the moment since gods don’t really bat an eye at the idea of opening their home to an alien.

Nightingale (Beacon)

Here we have the biggest supers fan girl to be in Halcyon West High. Nightingale was giving all sorts of valuable training growing up and going to summer camps. Dancing, horse back riding, and archery to name a few, but instead of using these skills to be a fine young lady, she uses them to put on a mask and head out into the streets and stop any who would threaten the innocent.

I’ll get into more story stuff once we, well you know, get into session one. Thanks for reading.

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