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Sundered World and Fragged Empire- Closing Words

It’s long over due but I want to give my final thoughts on Sundered World and Fragged Empire. Sorry to both authors for taking so long and being understanding about it.

Sundered World

In depth review.

In short, this book is really weird, but very original.

In long…

I’ve read a fair amount of Dungeon World splat books. Some good and some bad. Some original and some Middle Earth with the serial numbers filed off. This, I can say safely, is original. Oh boy is it original and really weird.

While a lot of the book is maybe a bit too weird for my taste, there is a lot you can take away from this. I like to think that most folks will take what they want from multiple sources and make it their own. If I were to run an Eberron game, I would totally use the air ship rules and idea from this, and maybe a class or two.

Bottom line, for $15, you are going to get your monies worth.

Fragged Empire

Part 4 of the in depth review

tl;dr A crunchy and well thought out game and setting that shows it was made with thought and love.

Long version…

This game is crunchy as hell, but from what I read they work. Something that always bothered me with crunchy games was how they did downtime play, but what FE came up with makes downtime look fun. The setting is new and unique.

As you may have noticed, fun and unique is what I look for in a game.

If I could find a group I would totally give this a go. Classless system in a universe that has recovered from an apocalypse? Sign me up!

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