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Completed Aiel Warrior

A reader of the blog requested that I finish and give the full set of moves for the Aiel Warrior that I had put up back in December 2014. So here it is!

Aiel Warrior

Some Stats:

Damage Die: d6 (d8 from Rogue archetype, but the spec from Skirmisher drops it a die size)

Load: 8+STR

Max HP: 6+Constitution


Lawful: Fulfill any toh you have toward someone.

Evil (a.k.a. Shaido or Brotherless): Steal something from an innocent wetlander or make them gai’shain.

Good: Honorably protect an innocent in danger.


___ was once my enemy, but we’ve since reconciled.

___ would benefit greatly from following ji’e’toh.

I have toh towards ___.

Sometimes, I think ___ has a death wish.


Maiden of the Spear: You can carry out conversations with other Maidens using your hands. You can teach a little bit of handtalk to people who aren’t Maidens, but the Maidens will look unfavorably on this.

Stone Dog: If you accomplish your alignment condition during a fight, gain one ji(see Fight with Honor), up to a maximum of three total.

Red Shield: When you wield a shield, it gives an addition +1 armor. When you do not wield a shield,your melee attacks have +2 piercing.

Starting Moves

Spear Throw

When you throw your spear, roll+DEX. On a 10+, you hit your intended target and deal your damage.On a 7-9, also choose one:

  • The spear is lodged and won’t be easy to recover.
  • The spear’s shaft is damaged, take -1 ongoing to Spear Throw
  • The spear’s head is broken, it deals -1 damage from now on.

When you spend an hour or so repairing your spear, remove its negative effects.


When you spend a moment getting into position near an ally, they become your Fulcrum on the battlefield. You can still act normally, but by keeping an eye on your Fulcrum, you’ll often find opportunities for quick strikes against enemies they engage. This ally is considered your Fulcrum for as long as you stay Near them or until you select a new Fulcrum.

When you Aid your Fulcrum, add +1 to your roll.

Opportunity Strike

The actions of you Fulcrum will often open up enemies to your attacks. An Opportunity Strike might be a quick stab of your spear, or a javelin throw, or a fast shot from your bow. When you perform an Opportunity Strike, you deal d6 damage (and any weapon bonuses) to the target.

Reprisal: When your Fulcrum takes damage, you can immediately make an Opportunity Strike against the attacker.

Flanking Maneuver: When your Fulcrum attacks and deals damage, you can immediately make an Opportunity Strike against the same target. (If the attack hits multiple targets, choose one).

Stay Out Of Sight

When you hide amongst natural cover, you cannot be detected by any normal means until you reveal yourself.

Fight with Honor

When you enter a fight, roll+CON. On a 10+, hold 3 ji. On a 7-9, hold 2 ji. On a miss, hold 1 ji anyway, but your enemies already have the drop on you. Spend a ji during the fight to achieve one of the following effects:

  • Block a blow meant for you or someone else (you take half damage).
  • Break free from bonds or other confinement.
  • Cross the distance between yourself and a foe, bypassing all obstacles.
  • Deal your damage to a foe within reach
  • Leap over or across a physical obstacle.

You lose any remaining ji once the fight is over.

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

You are never unarmed – your body, and each of your limbs, is a weapons (hand, 0 weight), just as good as any other.


4 spears (reach, thrown, near, 1 weight)

Shield (+1 armor, 2 weight)

Belt knife (hand, 1 weight)

Bow (2 ammo, near, far, 1 weight)

Choose 1:

Adventuring Gear (5 uses, 1 weight)

Trail Rations (5 uses, 1 weight)

Leveling Up

Levels 2-5:


When you undertake a perilous journey and take up the scout position, you can roll twice and choose the better result.

Like a Ghost

When you roll for another move that you want to perform in a clandestine manner, you may choose options equal to your DEX or fewer (but not fewer than none), and then tell the other players:

  • …how you draw attention elsewhere instead of to you.
  • …how you stay out of sight.
  • …that you remain silent.
  • …why you leave no trace behind.

On a 10+, all that you say is true. On a 7-9, the GM chooses one of your statements to be false, the others are true. On a miss, no guarantees.

Nimble Hands

If you are unarmoured and carry no shield, you have 2 armour against hand-held weapons. If this reduces the damage you take to zero, you may also disarm your foe.

Society of Ji

You are a respected member of a Aiel warrior society. When you send word to them for aid, you may recruit as if you have a useful reputation and are paying generously, even though you are not paying at all. Any hirelings they send you have at least loyalty +1 and warrior +1.

Light as a Feather

When you run across a surface that cannot hold your weight, roll+DEX. On a 10+, you actually do it, gracefully and without trouble. On a 7-9, you make it across, but with consequences. The GM will tell you what.


When you Hack and Slash, on a 7-9 instead of dealing your damage, you can choose to avoid the attack the enemy makes against you.

Resourceful Carver

You are adept at crafting replacement spears, shields, and even knives and bows. The GM will tell you how long it takes and any additional requirements, but your allies will always be surprised by your resourcefulness and speed.


When you attempt to escape from an enemy’s grapple or movement hindering attack, roll+DEX. On a hit, you quickly escape or avoid the danger. On a 10+, you can also immediately make an Opportunity Strike against the enemy.


Your Fulcrum deals +1 damage when they attack.

Shield Wall

When you are within Reach of your Fulcrum, they gain the armor bonus of your shield against incoming attacks.

Levels 6-10:

Veteran Scout

Requires Scout

When you undertake a perilous journey and roll a 10+ for scouting, you and your allies deal +1d4 damage forward against any trouble you spot.

Multiclass – Learn from a Wetlander

Gain a move from another class (treat your level as one lower when choosing).

Honorable Defense

Requires Shield Wall

When your Fulcrum is receiving your shield armor bonus and is hit but takes 0 damage, gain 1 ji.

Glorious Honor

When you fight with honor, hold an extra ji, even on a miss.

Superior Technique

Add these to the list of deeds you can spend ji to perform:

  • Break through a physical obstacle
  • Deal your damage to a foe within sight.
  • Grab an item within reach. Now it is yours.

Spear Master

You deal an additional +2 damage with spears

Always Ready for Battle

When you miss with Fight with Honor, your enemies do not have the drop on you.

Battle Instincts

When you roll a 10+ for Fight with Honor, deal your damage to a foe within sight.

Mighty Spear Throw

When you use Spear Throw, on a 10+, you have the option of choosing from the 7-9 list. If you do, your damage is doubled.


Requires Confidence or Shield Wall

When your Fulcrum has at least 1 hold of any sort, they can choose spend one to grant you an immediate Opportunity Strike against any target.



Making the higher-level move-set was fun; most of them are purely custom or are tweaked from ones in the book. I especially enjoyed finding a way to synergize Fulcrum and Fight with Honor a little bit.


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