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Demon Lord’s Companion (A Review)

Since my last review of Shadows of the Demon Lord was so well recieved, I’m going to review the other books I currently own. If I had to pick a must get 2nd purchase it would be Demon Lord’s Companion (DLC).

So why is this a “must buy”?

This book is basically the rules and options that Robert wanted to put in the core book, but it would have bloated the core book a bit. Everything in DLC is optional and not needed to run a successful game of Shadows, but the content can add many things.

So what’s in it?

Little bit of everything to be honest. The book weighs in at fifty pages and covers new races, paths (classes), equipment, magic spells, and some GM tools.

Can you give me some specifics?

Race wise this book adds halflings and fauns. You also gain story complications, which give you a great role playing opportunity that is reinforced with game mechanics. Each complication gives a draw back, but also gives a bonus in another aspect of your life.

Path wise this book gives nine expert paths (mid tier) and twelve master paths (highest tier).

No novice paths?

Nope, but remember that beginning paths are just a foundation to your character. Every house can be super unique and grand, but how you build the basement is pretty much the same. Most of your bells and whistles will come from your expert and master paths, but your bread and butter skills will come from your novice path. This way you’ll know you are building a character that isn’t missing some basic needs.

The paths in this book cover all four archetypes of characters; warriors, rogues, priests, and mages. There is something for everyone. Also if you want to play a kung-fu monk, you’ll want this book. There are some great options for playing a character that wants to dabble in some really dark magic.

Item wise DLC gives more options for alchemical items, fobidden items (not so much cursed items, but instead some dark stuff, like unicorn horns), clockwork items, potions, and vehicles.

DLC introduces six new traditions (schools) of magic; Alchemy, Death, Demonology, Spiritualism (Shaman spirit magic), Telekinesis, and Telepathy. If you want to play a psychic or psion, this book is a must.

So what’s this got for GM’s?

A little bit of everything. It offers a few random event tables, a few magic items, and nine monsters. There are only six pages dedicated solely to the GM and tools for the game. Though remember that anything the players have access to, so does the GM. There is no reason why the GM can’t use the new magic traditions or items against the players.

In closing, this book is great for those who want more Demon Lord, but are not sure where they want to go from the core book. If your group is looking for more options for a specific setting (such as the frozen tundra, desert, or faerie realm) there are better books for you, but this one does a great job of adding a little bit of everything to your game. I’m very partial to the story complications. I love it when my group takes them.

Favorite out of context line from this book: Kind children might receive small gifts—a pretty flower, a colorful rock, or a bully’s finger—from these hidden friends.

tl;dr This is a solid supplement that gives you a little bit of everything for your game. If you are looking to expand a specific part of the game, there are more focused supplements for this game that might make you happier, but this book does a great job of expanding everything in the game.

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