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Introducing Grave the Maestro D’

I’m jumping the gun a little bit here, but I’m just super excited. Friend of mine is going to be running an Apocalypse World play by post soon(ish) and this will be the first game I’ve been a player for since… a while. I went ahead and got my character made and will be doing a journal of sorts as we play, and will report in here on Ramblings as the story progresses.

So who are you playing?

M’name is Grave. I run the Canopy, the place to be when you want a show. I’m usually dressed in immaculate whites. When I’m out in public. When we’re setting up for the next show, I’ll roll up my sleeve and get dirty. People say I have an expressive face, mischievous eyes, a lean body, and quick hands.
The Canopy is where it is when you want to see something you can’t see anywhere else. It’s a Colosseum in the sky. It’s in the treetops and the penthouse of an old scraper. The fighting arena is the old penthouse. The ceiling is gone and we own the couple of floors under it. Gives me and my crew somewhere to live and store things. It also gives us a staging area for the showpieces. Some of the best fighters and monsters the Jungle has to offer. The audience gets to sit above in the canopy. Only way up there is the elevators we put in. Keeps out the riff raff. You want to get up the scraper, you need to know the way, cause there are hundreds of dead ends, hideaways and bolt holes. All of my crew is packing, just in case. Now the fights are the main course, but to lube it up, I’ve got music and spectacle.  Lights, fantasy, acoustics, and violence. That’s the Canopy. That’s my nest.
So what’s the world like?

We don’t have a lot nailed down yet, but I was told we’re going for an Urban Jungle. Old skyscrapers dwarfed by even bigger trees. This was the first picture I found on Google that I felt really gave the feel I have in my head.

So why a Colosseum in the sky?

I’m a theatre major in real life. Tech theatre. So lights, mics, and sets. I wanted to bring some of that to my character and this world, and if I can do it along with blood shed and monsters, well why not?

Again, I just made this character and once the other players make theirs and we go through session one, I’ll report in on that.


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